Chapter 4: A Friend in Need


Remain Undetected (350 G)

Pick 8 Pockets (275 G)

10 Kills or Knockouts (250 G)

Lift All Loot (280 G)



Loot list

39 Items (848 G), +280 Lift All Loot Items


The Keep (City Heritage Plaques)

The Abundance of Emptiness (Court of Montonessi)




Story RecapEdit

Thanks to the General, that was a narrow escape from the Keep; my hand is evidence of that. Still, finding the Primal Stone piece in the great safe was a surprise. Not thought about that since the accident. Between ghosts and Graven it's getting hard to think straight. What did Erin say in the vision? Go to Moira Asylum. Away from the crazies on the street and off to the crazies on the island.


  • The combination to the Great Safe (30,11,98) is a reference to Thief: The Dark Project's release date of 30 November 1998. The code entered 319 on the left panel and 018 on the right.

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