Blackbrook is a neighboring city-state near The City.

Several people in the city wished they would have summered there.

Some point in the historic past before the current Baron was born, The City was at war with Blackbrook. It is said it wasn't much more of a squabble.

There are current worries that if The City remains in the state it is in, its neighbors may initiate a real war with the City. In fact Blackbrook's harbor stinks of oil and black powder. They've been raising an army for three seasons. This may be due to Northcrest borrowing money from Blackbrook, and not paying it back.[1]

Ector Rothchild plans to sell his automaton the Metal Man to Blackbrook.

Mrs. Eastwick and Tilly were packing to leave for Blackbrook to escape the city as the civil war and uprisings began.

Cole R. an Eelbiter sent nine dockfrocks to Blackbrook.

The Underguild in Blackbrook still pays a good price for cargo.


  • The war between Blackbrook and The City is mentioned in a few comments in Thief 2 (some that do not appear in the game itself but in the files). In that game the war was going on in the background of the story, and the Baron in that game was out of the city fighting in it.

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