If you are looking for Bow from the original Thief series you can find it here.

The Bow in Thief.

Tool Type:



Shoots different types of Arrows, both Lethal and Non-Lethal.

The Compound Bow is Garrett's most prominant and adaptable weapon of choice in his arsenal, the bow can be utilsed as both as a powrful weapon as well as a versite tool.


The Bow can use a variety of arrow types including water rope blunt fire choke.

shoot many types of Arrows.


Bow Balancing

  • Level 1: Slightly Reduces Aiming Time.
  • Level 2: Greatly Reduces Aiming Time.
  • Level 3: Massively Reduces Aiming Time.

Bow Shot Strength

  • Level 1: Slightly Increases Arrow Damage.
  • Level 2: Greatly Increases Arrow Damage.
  • Level 3: Massively Increases Arrow Damage.

Quiver Capacity

  • Level 1: Slightly Increases the Maximum Capacity of Arrows.
  • Level 2: Greatly Increases the Maximum Capacity of Arrows.
  • Level 3: Massively Increases the Maximum Capacity of Arrows.

Trivia Edit

  • 016068
    During the development stage for Garrett's bow, Nicolas Cantin stated that the team visited a blacksmith located in Montreal in order to recieve ideas in terms of size and functionality. The original concept design for the bow however was considered entirely impractical and thus they utilised the feedback they had recieved and designed Garrett's bow to based around a more believable size and capabilty.
  • According to Nicolas Cantin the bow "in itself can be as silent and deadly for the enemy, just like Garrett."

Gallery Edit

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