The Clock Tower PlazaEdit

The Clock Tower Plaza is the area right outside Garret's hideout.


The Clock Tower overlooks the plaza and is the dominant structure there.  The Watch office is near the Plaza and can be broken into.  The Crippled Burrick is also found near the plaza.  In the first 4 chapters, two standard city watch guards patrol.  Between the 4th and 6th chapters three graven patrol the area.  After the game is completed a graven and a graven archer patrol there.  A city Plaque can be found on the wall of the clock tower and another on the tavern. The Clocktower Bookbinder and Reynard's Coffee are also found in this region.


As the player progresses there will be hangings of criminals and Graven earlier.  Later, Graven will be shown killing city watch guards.  After that, the graven hang a noble.

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