If you are looking for Dayport from the original Thief series you can find it here.


Dayport and the Keep panorama

Dayport is the rich district of The City. It is maintained from the original Thief series.

Known locationsEdit

  • Dayport Rooftops
  • Eastwick's Grand House
    • Garden
    • Underground Passage
    • First Floor
    • Second Floor
    • Dayport District Map
      The Study
  • Carlysle Court
    • Dayport Attic
  • The Keep
    • Waterfront
    • Pipeline
    • Engine Level
    • Boiler Room
    • Elevator
    • Prison Level
    • Safe Chamber
    • Safe Housing
  • Greystone Plaza


  • The Story Mission: A Friend in Need, has some similarities to the mission A Life of the Party in Thief II. Both occur in Dayport, and have Garrett cross the rooftops to get to main objective. Infact Garret begins near a bell tower that looks vaguely like the one where Garett begins in Thief 2. The Keep makes an opposing tower in the distance, much like the Angelwatch tower.
  • A map listed as Dayport: District of Auldale can be see in the A Friend In Need level on a table in the guard room Garrett runs through mid-level. This is the same map seen in the trailer. The final release of the map "The City: District of Dayport" is seen on Basso's table in the game.


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