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I finally completed my automaton after months of solitary hardship. Upon seeing the glory of my invention, Baron Northcrest begged my forgiveness, but I told him it was too late.

The City had proved itself unworthy. My automaton's magnificence could not be appreciated in his kingdom of squalor.

Thusly, I bestowed my automaton on the great city of Blackbrook. My invention revolutionized industries and brought prosperity to their people.

Blackbrook held a parade in my name. As I looked past the faces of the adoring crowd, my eyes alighted on the distant shape of The City--a tiny, dying husk that would soon only be remembered as the birthplace of Ector Rothchild: Engineer, inventor, genius.

End of Volume 1

[A profane sketch of Alfonso, Clockwise, and Baron Northcrest fills the margin of the final page.]

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