THIS DAMNED CITY An original manuscript by G. T. Hounsley

Gentle Reader,

From your Bed-chamber you could only guess at the Thievery and general Black-Handedness that runs rife in the streets like a Pack of Hung'ring Rats. But now, steel yourself, for your humble Author means to Guide you into that very Darkness. Picture if you will a Villain in the Shadows, a big man, wide of face & jowl & figure, smelling both sweetly & of Flop-House Sweat, & a Muskier scent you might guess to be the mark of some Wild Bird. Indeed look! - the Bird itself comes as if from the Maw with a dastardly Flapping to alight on his Dirty'd Fingers, stain'd Yellow with Pipe-Smoke. . . Baffo arises. . .

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