3 8 NRy842
Patient #79 has been experiencing increased delusions of "demons in the corners." Recommend cognitive therapy with Doctor Stedmann to calm her.

3 12 NRy842
Patient was found to have drilled holes in his walls again. Moved to 7M and cautioned. Recommend no forks or knives during meal times to avoid reoccurrence.

3 18 NRy842
Patient #49 moved from 3M to 4M. Inconsistency of noise was disturbing patient #16 and causing him to scream at varied intervals.

3 22 NRy842
Patient #78 continues to insist that her presence is accidental and that she is sane. Recommend lobotomization if her delusions continue. Patient #45 is evidence that the procedure is a massive success.

3 24 NRy842
Doctor Huntfield continues in the delusion that he should have jurisdiction over the entire Asylum. Recommend he pull his head out of his arse and stop suggesting lobotomizations in the office log book when I'm off duty.

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