9 28 NRy841

My replacement physician nervously proposed that 'my loins may be dry'. I instantly dismissed the idiot for such a ridiculous and antiquated way to describe sterility though he may well be correct in his flowery diagnosis.

I know the Primal is to blame. The energy began to age my body some time ago. Huntfield already concluded that exposure to the Primal causes extreme effects on the mind and body. It is poisoned and now poisons us in return. I doubt Huntfield will last the year.

With many reports of sickness and mental issues in the Keep administration I've ordered the safe to be converted into a holding for the larger piece of Primal Stone. Perhaps so high above The City the ill effects will be negated.

Some urge me to end my work, but that will never happen. If I surrender now, all of this--every sacrifice--will have been for nothing.

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