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I am utterly aghast with Vivian's behavior at Lord Shipton's banquet.

In the middle of my speech about automated workers in our future society, my wife saw fit to interrupt with some preposterous commentary about infusing the automatons with Primal energy. Mayhew was foolish enough to extend an invitation for her to explain herself further at which point she supposed that the iron slaves might benefit from actual 'thought' as humanity itself does. She then laughed and wondered if that would make us 'as gods'.

Vivian's chilling revelation of religious sympathy strikes to the heart. I will not tolerate such nonsense, let alone my wife's sudden wish to spout unwanted fantasy and distracting chatter about things she couldn't possibly comprehend.

I have never loved Vivian nor expected that sentiment to be reciprocated but her recent foolishness is nothing short of personal betrayal. Something must be done.

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