Edwina Moira was the one who had the dream to create the Moira Asylum at the site of her ancient manor. It was Baron Bresling that brought her dream to life in BRy459.

The Widow Moira saw the asylum as a place in which to treat the wounded and of soul and heart, where one may recover from the world's ills to the soothing sounds of surf or silence.[1] In particular a way to treat troubled individuals such as the legendary master Sneak Thief Garrett, who was a man sorely tempted by that which, to him, does not belong -- a misplacement of desire, to see the world in an order which it must not deviate from. Later Baron Ulysses Northcrest would turn it into a prison that not even the Sneak Thief could escape to house The City's undesirables.

A statue of Edwina Moira is dedicated to her just outside the entrance of the Asylum with her name.

The ghost of Edwina Moira is seen at one point showing the Asylum on fire, and the ghostly memory of one of her servants calls for her wine to be brought to her.


  • This is the original Edwina Moira from Thief: Deadly Shadows. The asylum was built some years or decades after the events of those games (when Garrett robbed her mansion, and possibly took her inheritance).


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