Erin's Mill

Erin's Mill (Carlysle's Mill) is an abandoned Mill located in South Quarter/Riverside near Eel's End and once previously acted as Erin's personal hideout.

Background Edit

The Carlyse's Mill was originally constructed at an unknown date and was the last holding owned by the Carlysle family.[1]

At some point presumably around NRy830 the Mill was discovered by a young female runaway named Erin presumably after she had fled from the House of Blossoms. Erin moved into the abandoned mill upon where she learned how to operate and maintain the mill's mechanisms, additionally she planted several hidden traps around the interior in order to prevent any unwanted visitors from entering.  

Events of Thief Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to the Stonemarket Clock Tower, the Mill features large gears and mechanisms inside. 
  • Inside Erin's room, several paintings, drawings and paint pallets can be found, indicating that Erin is artistic. 


  1. City Heritage Plaques

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