"Courting nobles from the great houses once practiced the custom of exchanging floral jewellery beneath the now-vanished dome of Auldale Botanical Gardens. The jewelled bouquets represented a love that would never die."

Daisy BroochEdit

Flowers Eternal - Daisy Brooch

A gift of childlike innocence, or, an insult of virginal petals plucked.

Rose BroochEdit

Flowers Eternal - Rose Brooch

Red roses declared true love, or called for a mortal duel at dawn.

Hydrangea BroochEdit

Flowers Eternal - Hydrangea Brooch

The blushing petals signify the giver's bashfulness, or, their embarrassed disgust.

Iris BroochEdit

Flowers Eternal - Iris Brooch

The iris is a harbinger of good tidings, unless it is pinned inverted.

Sunflower BroochEdit

Flowers Eternal - Sunflower Brooch

The embodiment of pride, this gift signifies either admiration or pity.

Lilac BroochEdit

Flowers Eternal - Lilac Brooch

Lilacs were given for luck.

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