Golden Keep
Unique Loot - The Golden Keep

Journal Description

"A valuable but tasteless reward for service to the Baron. Though taken from Ector's workshop, the name engraved on its base is not his."

This item is a collectible piece of unique loot available in Thief. Although located unguarded in Ector's Emporium it sits inside of a puzzle locked display case that requires you to press buttons hidden behind collectible City Heritage Plaques on the giant obelisks strewn about Stonemarket in a certain order. The order is told by the string of documents Bait and Switches 1, 2, and 3 with 4 just showing where the Golden Keep itself is located. You need to have acquired the wrench to remove the plaques and can only enter the area with the second obelisk after completing Chapter 5. Below are the obelisk map locations in order.

Bait and Switch Location 1


Bait and Switch Location 2
Bait and Switch Location 3



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