Greystone is a district located on the eastern side of The City.

History and Geography Edit

Greystone is a residential market-place area which was originally linked to the Stonemarket District. Greystone is renowned for its 'unique' shops owned by the middle-class with the majority of them found throughout Greystone Plaza. These shops have even managed to attract the wealthy citizens of Dayport who occasionally visit.

As a result of the Gloom, Greystone has now been separated from Stonemarket by the newly implemented Dayport Walls. The Greystone walls provide the only official access route towards Dayport alongside the Baron's Way which is now heavily guarded by the City Watch.

Captured members of The Graven are occasionally put up on display to be shown as an example to any who disobey or oppose the Baron's rule.



  • According to Eidos Montreal Art Director, Nicholas Cantin, the structure of Greystone was directly inspired by old-style train stations from the Victorian era, (Although no trains appear in the actual game.)
  • Based on the terminology used its unclear if Greystone is its own district, or part of Stonemarket proper. In the Afonso's Attire level its definitely listed under Stonemarket in the menus. But posters in the shop state that its the "Greystone District". Whereas the Greystone Plaza and wall are mentioned or appear in the Dayport mission as well.