Hand Tailored Loot Map

This is a complete list for loot, resources and documents found on the "Thief" difficulty.

24 items totaling 265

Image shows the locations of loot and collectibles only.

Location Sub-Location Area Item Name Value
Alfonso's SurroundingsFrontGuard2 Coin Purse5
Alfonso's SurroundingsFrontCrateAshtray3
Alfonso's SurroundingsSide HouseDeskPocket Portrait4
Alfonso's SurroundingsStreetby cartPoppyitem
Alfonso's ResidenceClosetbarrelFooditem
Alfonso's ResidenceSewing roomShelfPocket Portrait4
Alfonso's ResidenceSewing roomShelfInk Bottle3
Alfonso's ResidenceSewing roomDeskEelbiters Contractdocument
Alfonso's ResidenceSewing roomDeskScissors5
Alfonso's ResidenceSewing roomWallGuilt has Black Wingscollectible
Alfonso's ResidencePatrolGuardCoin Purse5
Alfonso's ResidenceHallTableEarrings12
Alfonso's ResidenceBedroomCabinet DoorsHand Mirror8
Alfonso's ResidenceBedroomCabinet DrawerPerfume Bottle7
Alfonso's ResidenceBedroomMantleGoblet10
Alfonso's ResidenceBedroomNight StandThe Statuesque Ladycollectible
Alfonso's ResidenceBedroomNight StandEngineer's Letter to Alfonsodocument
Alfonso's ResidenceBathroomBath StandHairbrush10
Alfonso's ResidenceBathroomSinkPerfume Bottle7
Alfonso's WorkshopNorthSmall BarrelPocket Portrait4
Alfonso's WorkshopNorthwestBarrelInk Bottle3
Alfonso's WorkshopPatrolGuardCoin Purse12
Alfonso's WorkshopNorthDesk TopHand Mirror8
Alfonso's WorkshopNorthDesk DrawerScissors5
Alfonso's WorkshopSouthDesk TopAlfonso's Workbookdocument
Alfonso's WorkshopSouthDesk TopTurquoise Brooch28
Alfonso's WorkshopWallSafeThe Mechanical Handclient loot
Alfonso's ShopNorthShelfHairbrush4
Alfonso's ShopNorthwestDresser TopPerfume Bottle7
Alfonso's ShopNorthwestDresser DrawerEarrings25
Alfonso's ShopSouthwestDresser DrawerEarrings12
Alfonso's ShopSoutheastShelfVase25
Alfonso's ShopPatrolGuardCoin Purse9
Alfonso's ShopEastDeskScissors5
Alfonso's ShopEastDeskPocket Portrait10
Alfonso's ShopEastDesk TopAlfonso's Registerdocument
Alfonso's ShopEastDesk TopVase25

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