Happy Medium Loot Map

Happy Medium Loot Map

This is a complete list for loot, resources and documents found on the "Thief" difficulty.

20 items totaling 243

Map contains loot and collectible locations.  Documents, resources, and pick-pockets are not shown.

Location Sub-Location Area Item Name Value
Piss AlleyShackTablePerfume Bottle7
Piss AlleyStreetCrateVase10
Piss AlleyStreetBarrelBrooch7
Piss AlleyStreetBarrelBracelet8
Piss AlleyMarket StallBarrelUrn15
Piss AlleyStreetBarrelPerfume Bottle7
Piss AlleyStreetWallSouth Quarter Sluicescollectible
Piss AlleyStreetBarrelRing6
Eelbiters WarehouseLower FloorShelfNecklace15
Eelbiters WarehouseLower FloorEnd TableBrooch7
Eelbiters WarehouseBack RoomTrunkCoin Purse6
Eelbiters WarehouseBack RoomTrunkBracelet20
Eelbiters Warehouse3rd FloorBack ShelfVase25
Eelbiters Warehouse3rd FloorWest TrunkCoin Purse8
Eelbiters Warehouse3rd FloorWest TrunkBrooch7
Eelbiters Warehouse3rd FloorWest ShelfPicture Frame10
Eelbiters Warehouse3rd FloorTable DrawerRing6
Eelbiters Warehouse3rd FloorNorth TrunkCoin Purse12
Eelbiters Warehouse3rd FloorNorth TrunkTelescope45
Eelbiters Warehouse3rd FloorEast TrunkThe Talking Skullcollectible
Eelbiters WarehouseMain FloorDesk DrawerNecklace15
Eelbiters WarehouseMain FloorTrunkThe Constant Ladycollectible

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