PaintingCanvas-Harland Northcrest

Harland Northcrest

Harland Northcrest was the son of Samias Northcrest and father of Elias Northcrest. He was the 9th Baron Northcrest.


People still remember his rule of the city. By all accounts he may have ruled with an iron fist. People in Dayport believe he would never have let the city rot as it had done into civil war, plague and starvation and would have cracked down on it sooner.

Harland was poised to succeed Samias where his father failed in the persuit of the Primal. But instead of advancing the cause, Harland proved to be disorganized and undisciplined lecher who squandered decades of research.

It is likely that under Harland's rule that laws against old gods were loosened a bit, since it was his son who ended up outlawing them and removing all traces of them for good.

His son and others saw him as a weak ruler however, often drunken and prone to infidelity.

That drunken fool Harland Northcrest

Grabbed hold of the girl's heaving breast

She smiled so demurely

He came prematurely

But only his trousers were messed


  • The woman in the apartment near Caitlin, refers to Harland in the past tense only as Baron Harland. However knowing that the Northcrests have been in power for ten generations, it means he had to have been one of the Northcrests, and since she remembers him, he had to have been the previous Baron.
  • The woman looks down on commoners as 'peasants' a term that has fallen out of favor in present times. Which indicates that apparently Harland was not much better than his son.

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