Illyria is a nation known for its trade with The City. One of the major businesses is the Illyrian Traders off the Canal in South Quarter. Vittori claims to be from Illyria, but his accent is off, Garrett only knew one other man from Illyria, and Vittori didn't sound much like him, and that Vittori's accent was slipping. Vittori admitted it was all for show, part of his performance.

Illyria has supposedly invented some kind of advanced telescope making it easier to spot pirates. It is also the native home of the Illyrian mimic bird.

Illyria has its own navy. A ship from the White Sail had a run in with a navy frigate there.

No one originally from the City is said to really know where Illyria is.

White Sail barters cargo with Illyria for poppy.


  • In Thief II Illyria is mentioned as a region known only as an exporter of tea.
  • Vittori's false accent is a bad "Italian" accent.
  • The Talking Skull, which may be an Illyrian artifact, has an eastern European accent.
  • Incidently it was Italian merchants who brought tea to the West during the age of exploration, which may further link Illyria as an analogue to Italy.
  • Illyria was a ancient region in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula, directly east of Italy inhabited by the Illyrians (ancient tribe named by the Greeks).

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