Isaiah Northcrest was one of the House Northcrest Barons. It is also known after a first attempt to ban the worship of the old gods (by the first Northcrest Baron, Ulysses Northcrest), he was assassinated as he took the chair. He appears to be the 'second Northcrest'

This lead to later Northcrests using propaganda, institutionalism and preaching the way forward through industrial and technological advancements to move away from the Builder and Trickster, causing those words to pass into old language with little emphasis on the modern.


  • It's not clear if Isaiah was from an earlier Northcrest dynasty perhaps pre-Ulysses, or came later. He may even be the same individual as Ulysses, who is claimed to be the first to outright outlaw the old gods. However this would go against the known backstory for Ulysses which appears to have given him time to pass a number of changes to the City and Moira Asylum.
  • Perhaps he would have been the first, but since he was assassinated on his first day of duty, perhaps he isn't counted.
  • On the other hand he may be the son of Ulysses and Isaiah was killed as his father ceded the rule to him (assassinated for his father's actions).
  • The timing of the 'sneak thief' and the building of the prison under Moira Asylum would place at least Ulysses and Isaiah before House Marlam, and later Northcrests after house Marlham.

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