If you are looking for Jenivere from the original Thief series you can find it here.

Basso and Jenivere

Basso and Jenivere

Jenivere is a thieving magpie, Basso's trusted familiar whom acts as a apt message courier towards his several contacts ranging across The City, among them is the 'Master Thief' Garrett.

Background Edit

Jenivere's birth name and place of origin is unknown. At an unkown point the magpie somehow arrived in The City upon where she eventually came under the ownership of a criminal contractor named Basso where she recieved the name 'Jenivere' (presumably after someone whom Basso knew.) She acted as his message courier to several of his contacts ranging across The City, Jenivere was noted for being incredible irratable by her owner primarily due to her constant 'pecking'.

At some point later after Basso befriended the 'Master Thief' Garrett, Jenivere acted as a main source of communication between the two, where she would deliver messages (from Basso) directly to the Stonemarket Clock Tower.

Events of Thief Edit

In NRy842, shortly after Garrett returned to the Clock Tower Jenivere arrived to deliver a message from Basso stating 'Where the hell are you? Come see me when you get back B.'