The Ladies' Convalesce Club is a band of female smugglers. It is led by The Wren and appears to be most active- or at least located- in Dayport. Basso and the Club seem to have done business together in the past.

The Club's members are well-dressed women who know how to wield their charms as well as their weapons and tools. Their dress (or skirt) is designed to hold a variety of tools such as lock picks, scissors, razor, hammer and chisel. Furthermore, it is strong enough to hold a lot of weight, which the smugglers take advantage of to store the goods beneath without fearing it might be discovered by the Watch[1]. They also employ the use of explosives and anesthetic when encountering an enemy.

Known Member Edit

Unnamed Member Edit

She's sent by The Wren to rescue Basso after he was thrown in prison by the Thief-Taker General. She's a young woman with blue-grey eyes, black hair and a mole under her right eye. She used a metal kneecap to knock out the guard guarding Basso. When discovered, she threw explosives at the guards and escaped. According to the comic, she delivered The Wren's 'last favor' to Basso, which led him to his in-game office in the Crippled Burrick.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ladies's Convalesce Club is only included in the Thief comic available on Dark Horse website[1] and does not appear in the game.
  • Much about The Club seems to be inspired from a real-life gang called the Forty Elephants, which was an all-female shoplifters gang in 19th century London.

Reference Edit

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