Sneak Thief (named Garrett) was the legendary master thief who lived many centuries in the past at the time of Bresling dynasty. He is the original Garrett from the previous Thief games.


In Bry459 Edwina Moira was inspired to build an Asylum to treat and bring healing to individuals such as Garrett who had caused the 'times of woe' that the City was living through. For he was a man sorely tempted by that which, to him, does not belong -- a misplacement of desire, to see the world in an order which it must not deviate from, and that had to be treated.[1] At some point under the Ulysses Northcrest after Moira Asylum became a prison, he was incarcerated in the old Prison beneath.[2] Inside during attempts to escape, he managed to hide a cache of coins as old as The City and a strange painting.[3] He also hid some other things in a second cache in a vent above the prison.[4] But he later lost his Mechanical Eye inside of a hanging cage in the prison,[5] the one he received from Hammerites (when he lost his flesh eye to the Trickster).

It seems he managed to escape somehow, but lost his mechanical eye in the process, or the eye was confiscated before he escaped.[6] The eye continued to click and beat like a heart for many centuries after its loss."[7]

The Sneak Thief is attributed for causing the 'times of woe' (the Dark Age) the early Northcrest dynasty had to endure. This is apparently another reason he was locked up, to prevent him from causing any more trouble for The City.

The Archivist one of the Asylum's inmates discovered Garrett's stash, but wasn't able to find the eye. The later Garrett would discover old Garrett's Mechanical Eye laying at the bottom of a hanging cage inside the Old Prison while exploring down there.


  • Obtaining all of Garret's old caches gives you the achievement;
Old Habits Die Hard
Found all the secret stashes in Moira
  • The Sneak Thief Garrett and his Mechanical Eye, Bresling and Edwina Moira are clever nods back to events and characters in Thief: Deadly Shadows. Garrett and the Mechanical Eye was a major plot point in the Thief Trilogy.
  • The Spectral Aspect statue may also be a nod back to old Garrett.
  • Noting some of the strange goings on in the prison/asylum Garrett may still be haunting the place and moving and hiding objects (explaining the strange sounds and moving painting (although this maybe attributed to one of the other ghosts)).


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