PaintingCanvas-Obediah Northcrest

Obediah Northcrest

Obediah Northcrest was a descendent of Ulysses Northcrest and ancestor of the current Lord Northcrest and a former Baron of the city. He wtas known as the Wandering Baron. He apparently disappeared during one of these adventures. Wherever he roamed he now he lies there. He is from a period about three generations from current time, and is thus likely the father or directly related to Samias Northcrest, and the son of Benedict Northcrest.

An obelisk is dedicated to him in Kaitlin Court.

John Crowley's great grandfather made the obelisk to honor the Wandering Baron. It was apparently made out of Cragscleft stone.

Obediah travelled the world

its secrets before him unfurled

He followed his star

To lands near and far

As the city sank and it swirled

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