Project Pendulum is Clockwise's underground laboratory and project built into old Keeper ruins underneath his house. The Project was looking into the connection of space and time, and possibility of time travel.


After Baron Elias Northcrest let Clockwise and the other automaton engineers go, Clockwise continued his research from his house and clockmaker workshop. Soon after his son Jasper died, and he only had enough to bury him.

He continued to work on his machines, at some point he discovered an underground chamber beneath his house. Inside were mysterious symbols and runic glyphs. As he researched into the technology and ruins under his house he discovered all points in time are connected, and believed that the Keeper technology would allow him to open portals and control time. With this technology he believed he could reunited with his son, and save him.

In his final diary note he claims he figured out how to open portals, and believed that he had found the location of his son after passing through it. But upon his return he apparently went completely mad, and died in the laboratory.


  • Clockwise could be completely nuts, and his research has no merit, and is all in his head.
  • Clockwise notes speak of the City being fluid, almost alive, and changing over time, including its shape, and pathways possibly without Human intervention. This mirrors similar concepts hinted at by Orion, Elias Northcrest, and the Queen of Beggers and reaction of Primal on the City. If primal dies, the city will cease to exist as well. Clockwise built his house/shop to with transformable walls to reflect the ever changing city.
  • Clockwise notes mention his letters in contact with an enigmatic individual only known as the The Engineer, who seems to be pushing for the automaton technology to be completed for ulterior motives.
  • If Keepers could control time using power of Primal, this might explain the strange existence of Monotassi painting in the era of the Sneak Thief when it was created by an artist in the present.

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