Possible image of Red Jenny?

Red Jenny is someone or something that some people worry and wait that she will come to knock at their windows at night. She may be a euphemism for death (or the devil).

Red Jenny's knickers is another saying[1], or Red Jenny's nag. Red Jenny's nails down my back. . .

Some speak of "Red Jenny's tears and the nag she rode" as another variation. There may be some she would ride away from if she saw them coming (such as Lenny).

To look like one has seen Red Jenny, is to look like one has seen a ghost.

A few lines from a nursery rhyme song goes as such;

Down in the cellar and tossed the key. I'll find my mum dead and that'll make three.
Black she rides and ends the tides. Red Jenny comes for me.
Scratch me eyes and rub with the poor. I'll find my pap dead and that'll make four.
Black she rides and ends the tides. Old Jenny comes for me.
Wheat field...alive. I'll find my...dead and that'll make five.
Black she rides and ends the tides. Old Jenny comes for me.
The wind blows bad and...I'll find my love dead and that will make six.
Black she rides and ends the tides. Old Jenny comes for me.

She maybe one of the old gods or new gods.


This appears to be a reference or Easter egg but it's unclear what the original source of the name came from.

Red Jenny was the nickname of the wife of Karl Marx, Baroness Jenny Von Westphalen.

A group called Red Jenny is part of the Dragon Age series[2].

After one Eelbiter guard notes that he wanted a flame not the "Apocalypse", another guard states that Red Jenny would ride away if she saw Lenny coming. Perhaps another nod to her being tied to some kind of hell or death.

Red Jenny may be an analogue to Old Nick or Davey Jones. Perhaps something similar to the Grey Lady Gamall in Thief:Deadly Shadows.

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