Shady Vein is one of the underground rivers below The City. The river likely once flowed on the surface, but has since been built over, and what's left flows through the Sewers of the city. It lies fairly close to the South Quarter Sluices.

The Poet's five poem fragements refer to the river.


This appears to be based on the subterranean urban river seen in Assassins and The Lost City in Thief 1. This River flowed roughly between South Quarter, New Market, and Downtowne. Most of the river had been built over but images of the river from a time when it was on the surface could be seen on the Keeper Map in the Keeper's Chapel. A secret passage near South Quarter could be accessed from the side of the river leading to the The Lost City.

The concept of underground rivers having buildings built over and flowing through manmade diversions and reinforced banks has historical precedence there are many such rivers in subterranean London. Many of which are tributaries of the Thames.[1][2][3] These are included in what are known as urban rivers which are shored up with manmade walls and bottoms and diverted through river engineering.[4]


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