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Sideshow Attaction Loot Map

Sideshow Attraction Loot Map

This is a complete list for loot, resources and documents found on the "Thief" difficulty.

18 items totaling 302

Map contains loot and collectible locations.  Documents, resources, and pick-pockets are not shown.

Location Sub-Location Area Item Name Value
Watch Station OfficesPatrolGuard3 Coin Purse9
Watch Station OfficesMiddleDesk TopInk Bottle3
Watch Station OfficesSideCabinet TopWatch Seal20
Watch Station OfficesWallSafe2 Bond20
Watch Station OfficesWallSafeWatch Medal30
Watch Station OfficesPatrolGuard2 Coin Purse12
Watch Station OfficesStaticGuard2 Coin Purse18
Watch Station OfficesNorthFloorRing14
Watch Station OfficesNorthDesk TopInk Bottle3
Watch Station OfficesNorthDesk TopLetter Opener6
Watch Station OfficesNorthGuard3 Coin Purse9
Watch Station Overseer's OfficeNorthShelfBaron's Bust25
Watch Station Overseer's OfficeSouthDesk TopStation Cells Keyitem
Watch Station HallStaticGuard2 Coin Purse8
Watch Station HallPatrolGuardCoin Purse17
Watch Station HallNorthTableCandlestick6
Watch Station HallWestDesk TopWatch Seal20
Watch Station HallWestDesk TopPrison Registerdocument
Watch Station HallWestDesk DrawerLetter Opener3
Watch Station HallWestWallWatch Stationcollectible
Watch Station LockersWestTable2 Fork4
Watch Station LockersWestTableKnife2
Watch Station LockersEastTableSpoon2
Watch Station LockersEastTableKnife2
Watch Station LockersEastTrunkThe Porcelain Ladycollectible
Watch Station LockersEastTrunk2 Fooditem
Watch Station LockersPatrolGuard2 Coin Purse12
Watch Station CellsStairsCrateFooditem
Watch Station CellsSouthShelfWatch Seal20
Watch Station CellsSouthMiddle CellPoppyitem
Watch Station CellsPatrolGuardCoin Purse17

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