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Silence Is Golden

Ector Client job

available after Chapter 3


Estor previously hired a thief to steal back the Automaton's Voice Box but the blackhand was caught and is most probably hanging from the gallows. He wants me to find him and track down the prize.

  • Search the thief's body for clues
  • Go to Oxheart Perry's Pawnshop
  • Steal the Automaton's Voice Box
  • Escape the Pawnshop


  • Stonemarket - Baron's Way South
  • Abandoned House
  • Butcher's Dock
  • Oxheart Perry's Basement
  • Oxheart Perry's Shop
  • Oxheart Perry's Residence
  • Oxheart Perry's Vault


29 items totaling (208) + Remain undetected, +100 Environmental exploits, +85 Headshot 3 threats, +215 Lift all loot items

Loot list





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