Sloop is a food eaten in The City. It is one of the few foods allowed under the quarantine conditions caused by the Gloom.

Sloop is a cheap, unpleasant looking hot stew which contains no vegetables or grain.[1]

It is described to be something of nearly liquid form, and filled with random bits of food. Most wonder what is put in the sloop. Sloop vendors sell the dish around the City in sloop stalls, but many of the sloop sellers in Stonemarket have gone out of business. Some are forced to eat rat sloop. Others think their sloop stares back at them.

Most of the food in Blackfurrow in stone market consists of rancid sloop and rotten apples. It has been months since people had horsemeat sloop.

Sloop is used in a number of insults such as "sloop for brains".


According to the Note found in Muddler's Row, Sloop is a broth made of water, animal blood, cooking grease, bits of greymeat and vegetables. To tone down the taste, alcohol is added to the Sloop.

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