Soul of the Automaton
Unique Loot - Soul of the Automaton

Journal Description

"Masterwork of a mysterious and unnamed Engineer, this unites all automaton parts in the service of something extraordinary."

This item is a collectible piece of unique loot available in Thief. It can be found in the third part of the mission "Dust to Dust" (the section after the hook ride). The item is in a safe in the top right of the map in the workshop. To enter the room go up the short stairs to the door and jump over the railing to the left, go through the duct to enter the room. To open the safe read the numbers on the back of the 2 mechanical men starting with the seated one first and the severed head second, the last number is located outside of the workshop behind a shelf full of mugs. Alternatively the combination is 3-1-4, a reference to pi.

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