South Quarter (aka Southern Quarter) is the name of both a district and subdistrict of The City. It makes up half of South Quarter/Riverside region. Technically both South Quarter and Riverside make up the South Quarter district. South Quarter is the northern half of the South Quarter district down to the Canal, Riverside is the southern half of the district south of the Canal.


  • South Quarter (north)
    • Baron's Way North
    • Fish-Hawker's Market
      • South Quarter Postmaster
        • Old Postmaster's House
      • Plum's Boat Repair
      • JW Herbs & Teas
      • White Sail Trading Company
      • South Quarter Lobster
      • Watch Office
    • Glimmer Lane
      • Eelbiter's Squat
    • Canal
      • Illyrian Traders
    • Black Alley

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