South Quarter (South Quarter/Riverside) is a major district of the city. South Quarter and Riverside are its two major sub-districts.

It's a bit unclear where the division of South Quarter and Riverside is, but it appears to be somewhere along the Canal region. Perhaps Riverside to the south of the Canal, and South Quarter to the north of the Canal.

The Canal itself appears to be part of the South Quarter sub-district, as there is a load screen between the regions south of the canal, and Canal itself is part of the region to the north.

The Northen sections of the region are filled with many Watchmen, while the Riverside regions are filled with Eelbiters.

Technically Riverside may still be considered part of South Quarter 'district', but it is a major region into itself.


  • South Quarter (north)
    • Baron's Way North
    • Fish-Hawker's Market
      • South Quarter Postmaster
      • Plum's Boat Repair
      • JW Herbs & Teas
      • White Sail Trading Company
        • White Sail's Office
      • S.R.L's Whisky
      • South Quarter Lobster
    • Glimmer Lane
      • Eelbiter's Squat
      • Jeb Choke's Hideout
    • Canal
      • Illyrian Traders
  • Riverside (Southquarter (south))
    • Sewers
    • Riverside Rooftops
    • Baron's Way South
      • Baron's Way Side Street
      • South Quarter Fish & Seafood
      • Oxheart Perry Pawnbroker
        • Abandoned House
        • Butcher's Dock
        • Oxheart Perry's Shop
        • Oxheart Perry's Basement
        • Oxheart Perry's Residence
        • Oxheart Perry's Vault
    • Skinmarket
    • Raker's Ditch
      • Little Lucy's Room
      • Warrens
      • Entrance
      • The House of Blossoms
        • Lower Level
        • Upper Level
        • Secret Passage
          • Underground Ruins
            • Forgotten Ruins
            • Scriptorium
    • Eel's End
    • Docks
      • The Siren's Rest
      • Black Fish Bait and Tackle Shop

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