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The Stonemarket Clock Tower (aka The Clock Tower) is the oldest landmark of The City and the main attraction of Stonemarket District. Located in Clock Tower Plaza it is the personal safe house of the 'Master Thief' Garrett.


At an unknown point the Clock Tower was originally built to be "an Eternal Clock for The Eternal City." The Guild of Engineers & Guild of Wheel-Wrights collaborated on it's design and construction.[1]

Throughout many years, the Stonemarket Clock tower gained a grim reputation fueled by multiple factors where according to legend, the chief engineer was tragically killed after being crushed by the clock tower's gears during the tower's construction. Additionally several workers lost their lives during each of the tower's restoration projects and as a result the reconstruction plans were ultimately brought to a halt. In NRy827 the clock tower broke down for the second time while under construction.

Around 5 14 NRy830, during a third attempt to repair the Clock tower, a child worker fell to his death directly in the plaza in the early morning. Following this incident the fellow workers abandoned the construction site and refused to climb the construction scaffolds to where the construction foreman claimed the 'superstitious nonsense' to be the cause of the problem.[2]

Some time after this, Garrett moved into the now abandoned clock tower upon where the Master Thief effectively learned how to fix the towers mechanics and has since maintained it - this ultimately led the public to believe through rumors and urban legends of the tower being 'cursed' or 'haunted.' Though the local shopkeepers still use the clock for opening and closing times.[3]


The outside exterior of the Clock Tower is surrounded by several scaffolding from past failed construnction projects - several artists have suggested this as an "unfinished structure surviving through time".

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Upstairs Quaters

The main entrance to the Clock Tower is sealed and thus the only known alternative entrance is through a window located in the middle of the tower.

Upstairs living quaters consists of a large workshop

downstairs living quarters mainly consists of a bed, washing bowl, and basic kitchen setup located on the right alongside a table and a chair.

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The upstairs quarters contains a large workshop to where Garrett utilities to both repair and upgrade his equipment.

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  • Nicholas Cantin stated that he wanted the Clock Tower to be of 'an ancient medieval design that had been renovated many times over the centuries. I decided to create a Gothic tower with industrial era elements built on an ancient medieval base'. [4]
  • The final version of the clock was influenced by an actual 13th century clock tower. [5]
  • The Stonemarket Clock Tower is a re-imagining of the one built by the Hammerites faction from the original series. [6]
  • Garrett has noted that the clock tower's ticking helps him sleep.
  • In the game's backstory it is being rebuilt suggesting that it may have been destroyed at one point.

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