The Awakened
Awakened banner
Symbol of The Awakened

Known Members

Aldous Northcrest-Hucks (Formerly)
Bloumount (Formerly)
Cornelius Greaves (Formerly)
Theodore Eastwick (Formerly)
Elias Northcrest

The Awakened are a secret order founded by Baron Elias Northcrest consisting of some of the finest scientists, engineers, and philosophers from all across The City.

Background Edit

The Awakened were founded in NRy814 under the goal of mastering The Primal to bring forth a new industrialized golden age.

At some point around NRy831 The Baron, Bloumount, and Cornelius Greaves discover an ancient tome in one of the many buried ruins strewn about The City. This tome required a ring to be opened and function, this was found at some point and given to Cornelius Greaves for safekeeping. Inside the tome were hundreds of primitive symbols and instructions on how to carry out varied rituals, one of these even allowing a person to trap Primal energy inside of a vessel. The Baron at an unknown point did this and created the Primal Stone.

In NRy839 The Baron is re-united with his half brother Aldous Northcrest-Hucks and extends an invitation for him to join The Awakened, a proposal he accepts.

Events of Thief Edit

During their heist to steal the Primal Stone from Northcrest Manor Garrett and Erin interrupt a ritual by The Awakened to harness the Primal energy ending in it being absorbed by Erin when she fell onto it's source from the skylight. The Baron in an effort to control or extract the Primal energy from Erin began callously experimenting on her causing her great pain and suffering, this in turn caused the Gloom.

At some point Aldous threatened to reveal to the public the botched ritual and the dangerous nature of Primal energy, because of this The Baron had him admitted to Moira Asylum to mitigate the damage he could cause. The Baron then instructed the Thief-Taker General to guarantee the silence of the rest of The Awakened by any means necessary, this resulted in the death of Cornelius Greaves and Theodore Eastwick (though it's possible the latter committed suicide of his own free will). It can be inferred that Bloumount was either killed or resigned as well.

With most of it's members deceased The Awakened is assumed to be disbanded or at the very least stagnant.


  • While 7 people perform the ritual with The Baron only Aldous, Bloumount, Cornelius, and Theodore are ever named, leaving 2 unknown members.

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