Bank Heist Loot Map

This is a complete list for loot, resources and documents found on the "Thief" difficulty.

67 items totaling 1065

Image contains locations for loot and collectibles only.

Location Sub-Location Area Item Name Value
ExteriorStreetEast GroundCoin Purse7
ExteriorPatrolGuard2 Coin Purse21
ExteriorPatrolGuard2 Coin Purse17
ExteriorMid WestRailingFooditem
ExteriorMid WestRailingFlask4
LobbySE RoomShelfThe Burnt Emerald - Threedocument
LobbySEStairsPocket Watch20
LobbyNECounterInk Bottle3
LobbyNWPay WindowDesk Bell12
LobbyNEPay WindowDesk Bell12
Lower OfficesWestShelfMagnifying Glass15
Lower OfficesWestShelfSouthrye Legacydocument
Lower OfficesPatrolMan3 Coin Purse17
Lower OfficesCenterDeskDesk Bell12
Lower OfficesCenterDesk ScaleGold Coin5
Lower OfficesCenterBenchFlask8
Lower OfficesCenterDeskBaron's Bust25
Lower OfficesEastShelfThe Burnt Emerald - Onedocument
Lower OfficesEastDesk TopInk Bottle8
Lower OfficesEastDesk TopPen10
Lower OfficesEastLeft Desk Drawer UpperMagnifying Glass10
Lower OfficesEastMiddle Desk Drawer LeftVault Repair Reportdocument (2nd 8 to 3)
Lower OfficesPatrolWoman2 Earrings40
Outer VaultEastDeskInk Bottle3
Outer VaultEastDeskPen4
Outer VaultNEDeskWatch Seal20
Outer VaultWestDeskDesk Bell6
Outer VaultAlarm BoxUpperPen4
Outer VaultNear VaultGroundVault Dial Notedocument
Outer VaultDeposit BoxSafe 01Coin Purse, Watch Seal28, 20
Outer VaultDeposit BoxSafe 07Pocket Watch, Vault Combination Note20, doc (68...)
Outer VaultDeposit BoxSafe 09Flask, Ring4, 14
Outer VaultDeposit BoxSafe 11Coin Purse, Brooch34, 25
Outer VaultDeposit BoxSafe 21Gold Coin, Pen25, 10
Outer VaultDeposit BoxSafe 23Necklace50
Upper OfficesWestDeskLetter Opener6
Upper OfficesWestDeskMagnifying Glass10
Upper OfficesWestShelfMechanical Eyesdocument
Upper OfficesNWDeskLetter Opener3
Upper OfficesNWShelfThe Burnt Emerald - Twodocument
Upper OfficesPatrolGuardCoin Purse26
Upper OfficesNWRailFlask4
Upper OfficesEastTableLetter Opener3
Upper OfficesNorth RoomShelfBaron's Bust25
Upper OfficesNorth RoomShelfLetter to Maundersdocument (682)
Upper OfficesNEManLocker Number Reminderdocument
Upper OfficesNEMan2 Coin Purse10
Upper OfficesNEShelfAshes Letterdocument
Upper OfficesNEDeskInk Bottle8
Upper OfficesEastDesk DrawerNecklace15
Upper OfficesEastTableFlask4
Upper OfficesStaticGuard2 Coin Purse18
Main VaultBack RoomNE Desk2 Bond40
Main VaultBack RoomEast ShelfGold Coin5
Main VaultBack RoomWest Shelf (break Urn)Southrye's Watchcollectible
Main VaultBack RoomMid DeskMagnifying Glass15
Main VaultBack RoomNW DeskAshtray8
Main VaultMid Back RoomTrunkWatch Seal, 3 Bond20, 60
Main VaultMid Back RoomTrunkCoin Purse, Pocket Watch21, 20
Main VaultUpperEast StairDesk Bell6
Main VaultUpperEast CounterPen4
Main VaultUpperWest CounterLetter Opener6
Main VaultUpper RoomNE DeskRing6
Main VaultUpper RoomEast ShelfBaron's Bust25
Main VaultUpper RoomMid DeskBrooch25
Main VaultUpper RoomMid DeskAuditdocument
Main VaultUpper RoomMid DeskPoppyitem
Main VaultUpper RoomWest ShelfGold Coin5
Main VaultUpper RoomWest ShelfBond20
Main VaultUpper RoomNW DeskDesk Bell12
Main VaultUpper RoomNW DeskBond20
Main VaultUpper RoomNW DeskLetter to the Auditordocument
Main VaultVaultTableUrn35
Main VaultVaultTableUrn35
Main VaultVaultTableThe Star of Auldalecollectible

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