Carnal Connoisseur Loot Map

This is a complete list for loot, resources and documents found on the "Thief" difficulty.

Image contains locations of loot and collectibles only.

27 items totaling 325

Location Sub-Location Area Item Name Value
Collector's LodgeBathroomBath StandWine Glass3
Collector's LodgeBedroomNight StandManservant's Diarydocument
Collector's LodgeBedroomCabinet DoorsEarrings25
Collector's LodgeTop FloorTable DrawerPocket Portrait4
Collector's LodgeTop FloorSmall TableWine Glass3
Collector's LodgeEntryCabinetLetter Opener3
Collector's LodgeEntryStandBrooch7
Collector's LodgeEntryCabinetPocket Portrait4
Collector's LodgeEntryBarrelCandlestick15
Collector's LodgeDenTableChess Piece10
Collector's LodgeDenCabinet TopFather's Testamentdocument
Collector's LodgeDenTableWine Glass3
Collector's LodgeDining RoomCabinet DoorsFooditem
Collector's LodgeDining RoomCabinet DrawerPocket Portrait4
Collector's LodgeDining RoomGuardCoin Purse17
Collector's LodgeDining RoomCabinet TopCandlestick6
Collector's LodgeDining RoomWallWhat is There Cannot be Seencollectible
Collector's LodgeDining RoomTableWine Glass10
Baron's Way Side StreetPatrolGuardCoin Purse15
Baron's Way Side StreetSouth AlleyCrateWine Glass3
Baron's Way Side StreetSouth AllyTop LevelPoppyitem
Collector's GardenPatrolGuard2 Coin Purse17
Wine CellarEastBarrelCandlestick6
Wine CellarSouthShelfWine Glass10
Wine CellarWestPictureVault Combo Lockfrom doc 838-26=812
Collector's VaultNorthCabinet DoorsVase10
Collector's VaultNorthCabinet DoorsBrooch7
Collector's VaultNorthCabinet DrawerEarrings25
Collector's VaultSouthDesk TopCandlestick15
Collector's VaultSouthDesk DrawerBrooch7
Collector's VaultSouthDesk DrawerLetter Opener3
Collector's VaultSouthCabinet DoorsThe Octopusscollectible
Collector's VaultSouthCabinet DrawerEarrings12
Collector's VaultSouthShelfCandlestick6
Collector's VaultSouthShelfVase25
Collector's VaultSouthShelfBrooch25
Collector's VaultLowerShelfVase25
Collector's VaultLowerTrunkThe Virtuous Ladycollectible

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