This is a complete list for loot, resources and documents found on the "Master" difficulty.

Pickpocketing coin purses from patrols does not contribute to this total, and they refresh after each chapter.

One item has been confirmed to be missing from the game.

397/398 items totaling 3920 gold.

All but two newspapers in South Quarter are missable, the chapter after which each is available is noted.

Location Sub-Location Area Item Name Value
StonemarketClocktower PlazaWest BalconyAshtray8
StonemarketClocktower PlazaWest Bird NestCoin Purse5
Stonemarket Clocktower Plaza Table in Locked House Picture Frame 5
Stonemarket Clocktower Plaza Barrel in Locked House Ashtray 3
StonemarketClocktower PlazaBarrel in PlazaAshtray3
StonemarketClocktower PlazaCrateCoinpurse5
StonemarketClocktower PlazaWall (wrench tool)City Heritage Plaque: The Crippled Burrick Tavern Collectible
StonemarketClocktower PlazaWall (wrench tool)City Heritage Plaque: Stonemarket Clock TowerCollectible
StonemarketClocktower PlazaNorth Gable Bird NestCoin Purse5
StonemarketClocktower PlazaCitizen2 Coin Purse24
Stonemarket Clocktower


Bird Nest on Protruding Beam (rope arrow) Coin Purse 5
StonemarketWatch Council OfficeTop Floor (window entry)Flask8
StonemarketWatch Council OfficeWallDocument: New InstructionsDocument
StonemarketWatch Council OfficeDeskPen10
StonemarketWatch Council OfficeDeskDocument: Watch Report 3-498Document
StonemarketWatch Council OfficeDeskDocument: LOCKDOWN!


StonemarketWatch Council OfficeDrawerLetter Opener6
StonemarketWatch Council OfficeDrawerInk Bottle8
StonemarketWatch Council OfficeSafeBaron's Bust60
Stonemarket Watch Council Office Wall Document: Traitorsgate Report Document
StonemarketThe Crippled BurrickBasso's OfficeDocument: TREASON!Document
Stonemarket The Crippled Burrick Tavern Document: NORTHCREST UNBOWED Document
StonemarketClocktower BookbindersShopfront CrateAshtray3
StonemarketClocktower BookbindersDeskDesk Bell6
StonemarketClocktower BookbindersDeskPen4
StonemarketClocktower BookbindersDeskDocument: Bookbinders RegisterDocument
StonemarketClocktower BookbindersCash RegisterPile of Coins5
StonemarketClocktower BookbindersTable (beneath trapdoor)Knife6
StonemarketClocktower BookbindersTableWineglass10
StonemarketClocktower BookbindersTableDocument: Manuscript (quest)Document
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseNight Stand (rope arrow, window entry)Document: Miss Scarlett's DiaryDocument
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseNight Stand DrawerPen10
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseCabinetPerfume Bottle25
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseDrawer (downstairs)Flask8
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseCabinetHydrangea BroochCollectible
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseCabinetLetter Opener6
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseTableTea Pot12
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseTableTea Cup4
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseSafeCoin Purse20
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's TownhouseSafeScarlett's Hand Mirror (quest) 8-2-450
StonemarketEctor's EmporiumDeskDocument: Ector's MemoirsDocument
StonemarketEctor's EmporiumDrawerDocument: Clockwise's Letter to EctorDocument
Stonemarket Ector's Emporium Drawer Document: Alfonso's Letter to Ector Document
StonemarketEctor's EmporiumDisplay case (Kaitlin, Market Str, Moorsditch)Collectible: Golden KeepCollectible
StonemarketTroy's ApothecaryTableMicroscope30
StonemarketTroy's ApothecaryTableTroy's Miracle Tonic (quest)50
StonemarketTroy's ApothecaryTableSyringe10
StonemarketTroy's ApothecaryDrawerPen4
StonemarketTroy's ApothecaryDeskDocument: THE BENEFITS OF STRICT CURFEWDocument
StonemarketTroy's ApothecaryDrawerInk Bottle3
StonemarketBaron's Way NorthBasket (wrench tool, grate)PoppyItem
StonemarketBaron's Way NorthTableBracelet20
StonemarketBaron's Way NorthTableEarrings12
StonemarketBaron's Way NorthBedDocument: Bait and Switches 1Document
StonemarketBaron's Way NorthDesk (rope arrow, ceiling opening)Picture Frame10
StonemarketBaron's Way NorthDrawerCoin Purse20
StonemarketBaron's Way NorthGate (wrench)City Heritage Plaque: Stonemarket First BankCollectible
StonemarketBaron's Way NorthMolly (poor Molly)Document: Last Warning LetterDocument
StonemarketBaron's Way Southshelves with flower pots next to Blackfurrow entrancecoin purse20
StonemarketBaron's Way Southwooden railing near shelves with flower potscup2
StonemarketBaron's Way SouthSoutheast Alley TrunkPocket watch20
StonemarketBaron's Way SouthTrunkFlask4
Stonemarket Baron's Way South Trunk Water Arrow item
StonemarketBaron's Way SouthSoutheast Apartment TrunkFlask8
StonemarketBaron's Way SouthTrunkDocument: Bait and Switches 3Document
Stonemarket Baron's Way South Trunk 2 Water Arrow Item
StonemarketBaron's Way SouthCrate South of TowerCollectible: Lilac BroochCollectible
Stonemarket Baron's Way South Crate 1 Water Arrow Item
StonemarketBaron's Way Southhanging body (Silence is Golden)Document: Bill of ConsignmentDocument
StonemarketBaron's Way SouthBird's nest (use wrench to go through tunnel near tower)Coin purse5
StonemarketBaron's Way Southbetween crate and floor, W corner of map, upgold coin1
StonemarketBaron's Way Southnightstand with bird, Taxidermist residence (rope arrow)surgical scissors12
StonemarketBaron's Way Southnext to tools (taxidermist)magnifying glass10
StonemarketBaron's Way Southnext to dead bird (taxidermist)ashtray3
StonemarketBaron's Way Southtable (taxidermist)Document: BREAK-IN!Document
StonemarketBaron's Way Southbed (taxidermist)Document: Tear-Soaked DiaryDocument
StonemarketBaron's Way Southcabinet (taxidermist)picture frame10
StonemarketBaron's Way Southtrunk (taxidermist)urn15
StonemarketBaron's Way Southtrunk (taxidermist)fooditem
StonemarketBaron's Way Southbirds nest (out taxidermist's other window)coin purse5
Stonemarket Baron's Way South secret area near Blackfurrow entrance (wrench, rope arrow) Baron's Bust 60
Stonemarket Baron's Way South secret area near Blackfurrow entrance (wrench, rope arrow) Poppy Item
StonemarketYellowface's Officecrate (2 rope arrows, 2 blunt arrows)earrings12
StonemarketYellowface's OfficecrateDocument: John Tallow's BlacklistDocument
StonemarketYellowface's Officetable in secret roomcoin purse30
StonemarketYellowface's Officetable in secret room2x pile of coins2x5
StonemarketCrowley and Sonswall in basement (wrench)City Heritage Plaque: Barnabus Northcrest's ObeliskCollectible
StonemarketCrowley and Sonscircle chairDocument: Sculptor's DiaryDocument
StonemarketCrowley and Sonstrapped pedestalBaron's Bust (quest)25
StonemarketLeatherwood FurnitureTableCandlestick15
StonemarketLeatherwood FurnitureDrawerDocument: Lady Christina's Will (quest)Document
StonemarketLeatherwood FurnitureFloorGold Coin1
StonemarketLeatherwood FurnitureBarrelPile of Gold Coins5
StonemarketLeatherwood FurnitureSecret Room (razor)The Insatiable Appetite (Naked Goat Lady Painting)Collectible
Stonemarket Leatherwood Furniture Secret Room Poppy Item
StonemarketAuthor's ApartmentShelvesPicture Frame5
StonemarketAuthor's ApartmentStoveSaucer2
StonemarketAuthor's ApartmentShelvesFoodItem
StonemarketAuthor's ApartmentScalePile of Coins5
StonemarketAuthor's ApartmentDeskPicture Frame10
StonemarketAuthor's ApartmentDrawerLetter Opener3
StonemarketAuthor's ApartmentShelvesGoblet10
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Drawer in North Locked Apartment Pen 10
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Drawer in North Locked Apartment Letter Opener 6
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Bird's Nest (rope arrow, east of Montonessi's Abode) Coin Purse 5
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Drawer in Apartment (window entry protruding beam) Pen 4
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Bird's Nest in Window Coin Purse 5
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Hidden Compartment opened by switch between bed and wall (hit with an arrow) Document: Smuggler's Map: Muddler's Row Document
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Hidden Compartment Gold Vase 25
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Muddler's Row Chest Document: Smuggler's Map: Eel's End Document
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Muddler's Row Chest 2 Food Item
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Muddler's Row Chest Vase 25
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Muddler's Row Chest Ring 14
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Citizen in West Alley Coin Purse 12
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Crate Gold Coin 1
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Chest in PrintShop & NewsPaper (wrench and wirecutter) Vase 25
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Chest in PrintShop & NewsPaper (wrench and wirecutter) Coin Purse 20
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Chest in PrintShop & NewsPaper (wrench and wirecutter) Document: Bait and Switches 2 Document
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Barrel (rampart) Ashtray 3
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Railing Gold Coin 1
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Railing Coin Purse 15
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Rampart Gold Coin 1
StonemarketBlackfurrowDesk in Attic (window entrance)Document: CLOCK TOWER STOPS AGAIN!Document
StonemarketBlackfurrowDrawerLetter Opener3
StonemarketBlackfurrowBird Nest (rooftops, peek over edges)Coin Purse5
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Table (East Upper Area near Plaza) Gold Coin 1
Stonemarket Blackfurrow Ledge across beam between two buildings Gold Coin 1
StonemarketBlackfurrowEast Cellar Window Trunk (blunt arrow)Coin Purse20
StonemarketBlackfurrowTrunk (blunt arrow)Earrings12
StonemarketBlackfurrowTrunk (blunt arrow)Fooditem
Stonemarket Blackfurrow open window (rope arrow) Earrings 25
Stonemarket Blackfurrow open window (rope arrow) Ring 14
Stonemarket Blackfurrow open window (rope arrow) Food Item
Stonemarket Blackfurrow open window (rope arrow) Letter Opener 3
Stonemarket Blackfurrow open window (rope arrow) Pen 4
StonemarketLady Marigold's Apartmentchest of drawerspocket portrait10
StonemarketLady Marigold's Apartmentbehind paintingbrooch7
StonemarketLady Marigold's Apartmentbehind paintingCollectible: Marsh Adder BraceletCollectible
StonemarketHangman's Apartmentshelf (rope a, wirecutter,  chap 5 side quest)picture frame5
StonemarketHangman's Apartmenttableknife2
StonemarketHangman's Apartmenttablefork2
StonemarketHangman's Apartmenttablefooditem
StonemarketHangman's ApartmenttableDocument: Hangman's MemoirsDocument
Stonemarket Hangman's Apartment table Basso's Pen (quest)
StonemarketHangman's Apartmentnext to dead bodiesSurgical Scissors20
StonemarketKaitlin CourtObelisk (wrench)City Heritage Plaque: Obediah Northcrest's ObeliskCollectible
StonemarketMontonessi's AbodeCabinetCoin Purse15
StonemarketMontonessi's AbodeCabinetDocument: Moira Release LetterDocument
StonemarketMontonessi's AbodeDrawerLetter Opener3
StonemarketMontonessi's AbodeTableWine Glass3
StonemarketMontonessi's AbodeTableDocument: Painting OrderDocument
StonemarketMontonessi's AbodeWall (razor)Collectible: The Dangers of SeductionCollectible
StonemarketMoorsditchCabinetPicture Frame5
StonemarketMoorsditchNight StandEarrings25
StonemarketMoorsditchChestCoin Purse20
StonemarketMoorsditchCrate on BalconyWine Glass3
StonemarketMoorsditchPicture SafeDocument: Smuggler's Map: BlackfurrowDocument
StonemarketMoorsditchPicture SafeBrooch25
StonemarketMoorsditchObeliskCity Heritage Plaque: Ulysses's Northcrest ObeliskCollectible
StonemarketMoorsditchPorchGold Coin1
StonemarketMoorsditchBird's Nest (rope arrows)Coin Purse5
StonemarketMoorsditchGoose Table (window)Flask4
StonemarketMoorsditchGoose TableWine Glass3
StonemarketMoorsditchwall above table (2x rope)Collectible: The Arrogance of NobilityCollectible
Stonemarket Moorsditch on crate in locked room Pen 4
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseDrawerLetter Opener3
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseDrawerFlask4
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseCabinetPerfume Bottle7
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseCratePerfume Bottle7
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseDrawerScissors3
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseCounterDocument: WHO WATCHES THE WATCH HOUNDS?Document
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseShelvesPicture Frame5
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseDrawerRing6
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseDrawerPen4
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseDrawerDocument: Letter to Sick WillyDocument
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseSick Willy (deserved it)Document: Sick Willy's RegisterDocument
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseChestPile of Coins20
StonemarketSick Willy's TownhouseChestSick Willy's Watch (quest)50
StonemarketWatch Storagetrunk (wirecutter, wrench)purse50
Stonemarket Watch Storage drawer arrow Item
StonemarketThe ChapelWall (wrench)City Heritage Plaque: Our Lady of the Iron Litany ChapelCollectible
StonemarketThe ChapelTableDocument: NO OLD GODS FOR THE NEW CITY!Document
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housetable (chap 5)tea pot5
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housetable2x tea cup2x2
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housedrawerpen4
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housetable drawerpen4
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housetable drawerink bottle3
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's HousetableDocument: Archie Maxwell's DiaryDocument
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housetable lower floortea pot5
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housetable lower floortea cup2
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housesafe (wirecutter)Document: Archie Maxwell's NotesDocument
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housesafenecklace15
Stonemarket Archie Maxwell's House safe Basso's Horsie (quest)
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housesarcophagus (wrench, 4x blunt, 1 rope a)Harlequin BraceletCollectible
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housesarcophagusancient vessel48
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housecorner by city modelancient ingot17
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Houseby city modelancient ingot14
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Houseby city modelancient vessel48
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housecorner by city modelpoppyitem
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's Housebottom of metal barancient armlet32
StonemarketMarket Streetsecret table with fish (chap 5)coin purse15
StonemarketMarket Streetsecret table with fishfooditem
StonemarketMarket Streetcrate in fish freezerscissors5
StonemarketMarket Streettable drawer (wrench)pocket watch50
StonemarketMarket Streettable drawerletter opener6
StonemarketMarket StreettableDocument: Bait and Switches 4Document
StonemarketMarket Streetsecret night stand (rope a chap 5)bracelet8
StonemarketMarket Streetnight standpile of coins5
StonemarketMarket Streetsmall box on barrelwatch medal30
StonemarketWatch Station Plazaobelisk (wrench, chap 5)City Heritage Plaque: Archibauld Northcrest's ObeliskCollectible
StonemarketWatch Station Plazatablepocket watch20
StonemarketWatch Station Plazatableflask4
Stonemarket Watch Station Plaza locked box on crate arrows Item
StonemarketWatch Customs Yardsecret corner (wrench or rope arrow, chap 5, A Grave Matter)poppyitem
StonemarketWatch Customs Officecabinet (wrench or rope arrow, chap 5)Grandfather's Ashes (quest)
StonemarketWatch Customs Officecabinetfooditem
StonemarketWatch Customs Officecabinetletter opener3
StonemarketWatch Customs Officetable drawerink bottle8
StonemarketWatch Customs Officetable drawerpen10
StonemarketWatch Customs OfficetableDocument: Register of Stolen Goodsdocument
StonemarketWatch Customs Officecabinetflask4
StonemarketWatch Customs Officecabinetpen4
StonemarketShinworth Lanetable (wrench)candlestick15
StonemarketShinworth Laneshelf (wrench)cup2
StonemarketShinworth Laneguard (pickpocket)Document: Boris' Debt RegisterDocument
StonemarketShinworth Lanecrateflask8
StonemarketShinworth Lanecratevase25
StonemarketShinworth Lanesecret room Epile of coins5
StonemarketShinworth Lanesecret room Ecoin purse30
StonemarketShinworth Lanebarrelashtray3
StonemarketShinworth Lanecupboard2x pile of coins2x5
StonemarketShinworth Lanecupboard drawerpile of coins20
StonemarketMuddler's Row Apothecarybird's nest (2 ropes)coin purse5
StonemarketMuddler's Row Apothecarytablenecklace50
StonemarketMuddler's Row Apothecarytablefork2
StonemarketMuddler's Row Apothecarytableknife2
Stonemarket Muddler's Row Apothecary table Food Item
StonemarketMuddler's Row Apothecarytablepicture frame10
StonemarketMuddler's Rowtable in secret (wrench)Document: Candlewax Ritual BookDocument
StonemarketMuddler's Rowtable in secret (wrench)ceremonial blade8
StonemarketMuddler's Rowbarrel in secret (wrench)Document: Wax Witch's JournalDocument
Stonemarket Muddler's Row floor next to barrel (wrench) Poppy Item
StonemarketMuddler's Rowbarrel on balconyashtray3
StonemarketMuddler's Rowbalcony fenceashtray3
StonemarketMuddler's Rowbehind paintingvase10
StonemarketMuddler's Rowbehind paintingearrings25
StonemarketMuddler's Rowtable (blunt)candlestick15
StonemarketMuddler's Rowtable (blunt)cup7
StonemarketMuddler's Rowtable (blunt)Document: Closet NoteDocument
StonemarketMuddler's Rowcabinetflask4
StonemarketMuddler's Rowcabinetcup6
StonemarketMuddler's Rowcabinet drawerknife2
StonemarketMuddler's Rowsecret behind bookcasecoin purse20
StonemarketMuddler's Rowsecret behind bookcasevase25
StonemarketMuddler's Rowtable drawerletter opener3
StonemarketMuddler's Rowtable drawerpen4
StonemarketMuddler's Rowbarrel (wrench, rope)necklace50
StonemarketMuddler's Rowcrate (wrench, rope)candlestick15
StonemarketMuddler's Rowbox (wrench, rope)Collectible: Ghost-girlCollectible
Stonemarket Muddler's Row back room (wrench, rope) Poppy Item
Stonemarket Muddler's Row shelf (rope arrow) Cup 2
Stonemarket Muddler's Row table (rope arrow) Baron's Bust 60
Stonemarket Muddler's Row table (rope arrow) Knife 2
Stonemarket Muddler's Row table (rope arrow) Fork 2
Stonemarket Muddler's Row table (rope arrow) Spoon 2
Stonemarket Muddler's Row table (rope arrow) Document: Sloop Recipe Document
StonemarketStumble Gate General Storecrate (wirecutter)pile of coins5
StonemarketStumble Gate General Storecratecup2
StonemarketStumble Gate General StorehandDocument: Petty Thief DiaryDocument
StonemarketStumble Gate General Storeunder secret board (wirecutter)2x coin purse2x10
StonemarketGrandmaudenbarrel (blunt)picture frame10
StonemarketGrandmaudenbird's nest (blunt)coin purse5
StonemarketGrandmaudenshelf (blunt)ashtray3
StonemarketGrandmaudenshelf (blunt)flask4
StonemarketGrandmaudenshelf (blunt)picture frame10
StonemarketGrandmaudenbird's nestcoin purse5
StonemarketGrandmaudenbookshelf (rope)vase10
StonemarketGrandmaudencrate (rope)earrings25
StonemarketGrandmaudentablewine glass10
StonemarketGrandmaudenbarrelcoin purse10
StonemarketGrandmaudenfloor behind secret bookshelf2x gold coin2x1
StonemarketGrandmaudencrate (rope)flask8
StonemarketGrandmaudencrate (rope)earrings25
StonemarketGrandmaudenchair (rope)pocket watch50
StonemarketGrandmaudendesk (rope)picture frame10
StonemarketGrandmaudendesk drawer (rope)pen4
StonemarketGrandmaudendesk drawer (rope)ink bottle3
StonemarketGrandmaudencrate (rope, wirecutter)coin purse30
StonemarketGrandmaudencrate (rope, wirecutter)Document: Graven NotesDocument
StonemarketGrandmaudencrate (rope, wirecutter)Collectible: Dawn GauzyCollectible
StonemarketGrandmaudenchair (rope, wirecutter)picture frame10
Stonemarket Grandmauden Watch Chest Flask 8
Stonemarket Grandmauden Watch Chest Flask 8
Stonemarket Grandmauden Crate next to watch tower arrows Item
StonemarketShemenov Blade & Filigreerailing (wrench, blunt)cup6
StonemarketShemenov Blade & Filigreedesk drawerDocument: Thief-Taker General's OrderDocument
StonemarketShemenov Blade & Filigreedesk drawerpocket watch50
StonemarketShemenov Blade & FiligreetrunkGeneral's New Medal
StonemarketClocktowerDocument: STAR OF AULDALE NECKLACEDocument
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southsecret shaft near Skinmarketcandlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southsecret shaft near Skinmarkettea cup2
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southsecret room, table (wrench)pen10
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southcrate over fishcoin purse9
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southnext to fish cratebrooch7
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southcabinet drawer (SIck Willy's hole)fork2
South Quarter/Riverside Baron's Way South safe (Sick Willy's) Necklace 50
South Quarter/Riverside Baron's Way South safe (Sick Willy's) Earrings 25
South Quarter/Riverside Baron's Way South bathroom (Sick Willy's) Food Item
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southtable next to flower potpen4
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southnightstand on platefork6
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southnightstand on plateknife6
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southshelf with platestea cup2
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southtable (rope)picture frame5
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southtable drawer (rope)bracelet8
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southcabinet drawer (rope)pocket portrait4
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southwall (rope, razor)Collectible: Living a LieCollectible
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southcabinet (rope)Document: TURN NOT TO PROTEST!Document
South Quarter/Riverside Baron's Way South on top of cabinet (rope) Food Item
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southnightstand (rope)candlestick15
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southnightstand drawer (rope)ink bottle3
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Southtable with parcelswatch medal30
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Northnext to fishing polecandlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way NorthCrateFlask8
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way NorthCrateCup6
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Northchaircandlestick15
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Northtrunkperfume bottle7
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Northtrunkpicture frame10
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Northnext to flower potpen4
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way Northin flower potbrooch7
South Quarter/Riverside Baron's Way North beside barrel, Stonemarket entrance gold coin 1
South Quarter/Riverside Baron's Way North in front of door, patio Pocket Portrait 4
South Quarter/RiversideEelbiters SquatFloor, next to trapgold coin1
South Quarter/RiversideEelibiters SquatcrateWine Glass10
South Quarter/RiversideEelbiters Squatnightstandpocket portrait4
South Quarter/RiversideEelbiters Squatwall safecoin purse15
South Quarter/Riverside Eelbiters Squat table (after ch3) Document: BLACKHANDS OF RIVERSIDE! Document
South Quarter/RiversideEelbiters Squattrunkearrings12
South Quarter/RiversideEelbiters Squatcircle tablecoin purse14
South Quarter/RiversideEelbiters Squatcabinet (wirecutter)4x pile of coins4x5
South Quarter/RiversideJeb Chokes's Hideoutchair (rope)bracelet8
South Quarter/RiversideJeb Chokes's HideoutchairDocument: Jeb Chokes' NotebookDocument
South Quarter/RiversideJeb Chokes's Hideoutcupboard drawerink bottle3
South Quarter/RiversideJeb Chokes's HideoutsecretIris BroochCollactible
South Quarter/Riverside Jeb Chokes's Hideout Jeb Choke Thief-Tally Scissors (quest)
South Quarter/RiversideCanalcratecoin purse6
South Quarter/RiversideCanalnext to flower potscup2
South Quarter/RiversideCanalcircle tablewine glass3
South Quarter/RiversideCanaltablepen4
South Quarter/RiversideCanaltablecandlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideCanalbookpileflask4
South Quarter/RiversideCanalbehind cratecoin purse8
South Quarter/RiversideCanalcanal SWflask4
South Quarter/RiversideCanalcanal metal gratesbracelet20
South Quarter/RiversideCanalnext to platesscissors5
South Quarter/RiversideCanalparcel on tablepocket portrait4
South Quarter/RiversideCanalcircle tablepocket portrait10
South Quarter/Riverside Canal table (after ch4) Document: RIOTS IN DAYPORT! Document
South Quarter/RiversideIllyrian Tradersbookpilecup2
South Quarter/RiversideIllyrian Traderscratecup2
South Quarter/Riverside Illyrian Traders floor behind crate Ring 6
South Quarter/RiversideIllyrian Tradersscales (chap 5)2x gold coin2x1
South Quarter/RiversideIllyrian Traderschest of drawerscoin purse6
South Quarter/RiversideIllyrian Traderstable drawerpen10
South Quarter/RiversideIllyrian Tradersdrawer (wirecutter)telescope45
South Quarter/Riverside Illyrian Traders shelf (wirecutter) arrows Item
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarketbreak vase in cabinet Wbrooch7
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarkettableDocument: THE NEW WATCH LAWS AND YOU!Document
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarketcabinetpen4
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarketdrawerpocket portrait4
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarkettablecandlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarkettablesaucer4
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarkettableknife6
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarkettablefork6
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarketfloor near Skinmarket signbrooch7
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarketfloor near Skinmarket signknife2
South Quarter/RiversiedSkinmarketnightstandDocument: Polly's Admirer's LetterDocument
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarketbed with chainspen4
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarketcupboardperfume bottle7
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarkettable (Fit for a Queen)Comfort's Necklace (quest)
South Quarter/RiversideLittle Lucy's Roomnightstand (rope arrow)candlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideLittle Lucy's Roomdrawer (rope arrow)fork2
South Quarter/RiversideLittle Lucy's Roomcupboard (rope arrow)knife2
South Quarter/RiversideLittle Lucy's Roombed (rope a, Fit for a Queen)Document: Little Lucy's Last LetterDocument
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchnext to tablepoppyitem
South Quarter/Riverside Raker's Ditch barrel (after ch4) Document: MANHUNT! Document
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchtablesaucer2
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchunder candlespicture frame5
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchnext to dead fish2x gold coin2x1
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchtablecandlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchtable drawersaucer2
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchin a corner by doorwine glass3
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchflowerpot (rope arrow)poppyitem
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditchbookpile (rope arrow)cup6
South Quarter/Riverside Raker's Ditch floor of patio scissors 3
South Quarter/Riverside Raker's Ditch rope through trap door poppy Item
South Quarter/RiversideEel's EndshelvesDocument: Ollie Widow's LetterDocument
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endsecret compartmentBaron's Bust60
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endsecret compartmentWatch Medal30
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endshelf near coupleWine Glass3
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endshelf near couplefork2
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endnext to flower pot in alcovecandlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endflower pot in alcove by the waterpoppyitem
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endnext to flower pot, behind poppycoin purse24
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endnext to empty potgold coin1
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endwall (wrench)City Heritage Plaque: Carlysle's MillCollectible
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endnext to parcels on tablescissors3
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endnext to pots in alcovecup2
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endnext to cratepocket portrait4
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endon top of crates (from above)gold coin1
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endwall safewatch medal30
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endbarrel (rope arrow)ring14
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endtablecandlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endtabletea cup4
South Quarter/Riverside Eel's End ground next to table saucer 4
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endcircle tablesaucer4
South Quarter/RiversideEel's Endcircle tabletea cup4
South Quarter/Riverside Eel's End fishing basket, doorway pocket portrait 4
South Quarter/Riverside Eel's End table (rope arrow) Brooch 7
South Quarter/Riverside Eel's End table (rope arrow) Candlestick 15
South Quarter/Riverside Eel's End trunk (rope arrow) Earrings 25
South Quarter/Riverside Eel's End trunk (rope arrow) Perfume Bottle 25
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's Officestaircase (rope a. chap 4)pocket portrait10
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's Officecountergold coin1
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's Officecounterpile of coins5
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's Officetable drawercoin purse20
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's Officetablepile of coins5
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's OfficetableDocument: Levack's Debt RegisterDocument
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's Officetable drawerpile of coins5
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's Officesafe (wirecutter)pocket watch20
South Quarter/RiversideSewershole next to Erin's entrancepoppyitem
South Quarter/RiversideSewershole next to Erin's entranceCollectible: Sunflower BroochCollectible
South Quarter/RiversideSewersroom next to Happy Medium entranceflask4
South Quarter/Riverside Sewers Shady Vein Document: The Shady Vein Document
South Quarter/Riverside Sewers Shady Vein Coin Purse 31
South Quarter/Riverside Sewers Shady Vein Rope Arrow Item
South Quarter/Riverside Sewers Shady Vein Poppy Item
Erin's Mill Hideoutfloor near pipeashtray3
Erin's Mill Hideoutfloor near bedsyringe6
Erin's Mill Hideoutfloor near bedflask4
Erin's Mill Hideoutbarrelcoin purse8
Erin's Mill Hideoutfloor near delivery signbracelet20
Erin's Mill Hideoutfloor near closed sign in waterwheel ditchbrooch25
Erin's Mill Hideoutfloor under waterwheelletter opener3
Erin's Mill Hideouttablefooditem
South Quarter/RiversideDockswall (wrench)City Heritage Plaque: The Siren's RestCollectible
South Quarter/RiversideDockswall (wrench)City Heritage Plaque: Customs House Bridge


South Quarter/RiversideDockscratesaucer2
South Quarter/RiversideDockscircle tablesaucer2
South Quarter/RiversideDockson parceltea cup2
South Quarter/RiversideDocksbarrel shelfcandlestick6
South Quarter/RiversideDocksbarrel shelftea cup2
South Quarter/Riverside Docks last room on catwalk Cup 2
South Quarter/Riverside Docks last room on catwalk Candlestick 15
South Quarter/Riverside Docks last room on catwalk Brooch 7
South Quarter/Riverside Docks last room on catwalk Picture Frame 5
South Quarters/RiversideRiverside Rooftopstable with fish sign2x Wine Glass2x3
South Quarter/RiversideRiverside Rooftopscratebrooch7
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abodetop of cabinetDocument: Poem Fragment OneDocument
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's AbodetrunkDocument: Poem Fragment TwoDocument
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abodenext to bedfooditem
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abodeunder food next to bedDocument: Poem Fragment ThreeDocument
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's AbodenightstandKnife2
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abodenext to bathhairbrush10
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abodebath wall (razor)Collectible: Rutting Out of SeasonCollectible
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abodetable drawerDocument: Poem Fragment FiveDocument
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abodetable (after ch2)Document: BEWARE OF OVER-ACTIVE IMAGINATIONS!Document
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abodebarrel (wrench)Document: Poem Fragment FourDocument
South Quarter/Riverside Poet's Abode fireplace mantle 1 Water Arrow Item
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketunder wooden stairsgold coin1
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketnext to fishing basketspocket portrait10
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketair vent (wrench)ring14
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketbarrelashtray3
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketcrate2x tea cup2x2
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketcrate by kennelscoin purse17
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketcorner floor with view of canalsgold coin1
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketnext to barrel with upside-down chair on topcoin purse7
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketcabinetpicture frame10
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketshelf with bucketspocket portrait4
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketshop shelfscissors3
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketshop floorcoin purse11
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketcrate between dogscup2
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketsecret room shelvespen4
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketsecret room tableink bottle3
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketshelf with plantsflask4
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketsecret area, next to sleeping guardcup6
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketsecret area, barrel (after ch2)Document: CARNIVAL BOAT HIGH AND DRY!Document
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketsecret area, barCollectible: OilboxCollectible
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketsecret area, barwine glass3
South Quarter/Riverside Fish-Hawker's Market secret area, bar Focus Point Item
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketbalcony fencetea cup4
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketbarrel with saucersknife6
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Markettop of fish standscissors3
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Marketsecret, next to fishnet (rope+blunt arrow)bracelet20
South Quarter/RiversideOld Postmaster's Housecabinet (rope arrow)gold coin1
South Quarter/RiversideOld Postmaster's Housecabinet drawerbrooch7
South Quarter/RiversideOld Postmaster's Housesecret room table (after ch2)Document: LITERARY GREATNESS LOST!Document
South Quarter/RiversideOld Postmaster's Housesecret room cabinet topbracelet20
South Quarter/RiversideOld Postmaster's Housesecret room trunkearrings25
South Quarter/RiversideOld Postmaster's Housesecret room trunkhand mirror28
South Quarter/RiversideOld Postmaster's Housesecret room trunkCollectible: Wellpool Viper BraceletCollectible
South Quarter/RiversideWatch Officetable (wirecutter, rope arrow)Document: Watch Captain's OrdersDocument
South Quarter/RiversideWatch Officetable drawerwatch medal30
South Quarter/Riverside Watch Office cabinet arrows Item
South Quarter/RiversideWatch Officewall safeperfume bottle25
South Quarter/RiversideWatch Officeunder the floor (Casing the Cargo)Document: White Sail Goods CensusDocument
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officetable (The Path to Riches)candlestick15
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officetable drawerpen10
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officetable drawerDocument: White Sail Captain's NotesDocument
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officeshelfpicture frame10
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officecrategold coin1
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officefloor behind linenscissors5
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officetableearrings12
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officetablecup2
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officetablescissors3
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Officenext to rope (rope arrow)gilded bottle40
South Quarter/Riverside White Sail's Office on balcony (rope arrow)White Sails Trading Routes (quest)
South Quarter/Riverside Siren's Rest upstairs, round table (after ch3) Document: CHARLATAN REMEDIES! Document
South Quarter/Riverside Siren's Rest behind bartender (after ch4) Document: FIRES OF REVOLUTION! Document
Location Sub-Location Items Collectibles Value
StonemarketClocktower Plaza82
StonemarketWatch Council Office50
StonemarketClocktower Bookbinders60
StonemarketMiss Scarlet's Townhouse81
StonemarketTroy's Apothecary50
StonemarketEctor's Emporium01
StonemarketBaron's Way North41
StonemarketBaron's Way South141
StonemarketYellowface's Office40
StonemarketCrowley and Sons11
StonemarketLeatherwood Furniture31
StonemarketAuthor's Apartment60
StonemarketLady Marigold's Apartment21
StonemarketHangman's Apartment50
StonemarketKaitlin Court01
StonemarketMontonessi's Abode31
StonemarketSick Willy's Townhouse100
StonemarketWatch Storage10
StonemarketArchie Maxwell's House151
StonemarketMarket Street70
StonemarketWatch Station Plaza21
StonemarketWatch Customs Office60
StonemarketShinworth Lane100
StonemarketMuddler's Row Apothecary50
StonemarketMuddler's Row211
StonemarketStumble Gate General Store40
StonemarketShemenov Blade & Filigree30
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way South181
South Quarter/RiversideBaron's Way North100
South Quarter/RiversideEelbiters Squat100
South Quarter/RiversideJeb Chokes's Hideout31
South Quarter/RiversideCanal120
South Quarter/RiversideIllyrian Traders80
South Quarter/RiversideSkinmarket120
South Quarter/RiversideLittle Lucy's Room30
South Quarter/RiversideRaker's Ditch90
South Quarter/RiversideEel's End231
South Quarter/RiversideEddy Levack's Office70
South Quarter/RiversideSewers21
South Quarter/RiversideErin's Mill Hideout70
South Quarter/RiversideDocks92
South Quarter/RiversideRiverside Rooftops30
South Quarter/RiversidePoet's Abode21
South Quarter/RiversideFish-Hawker's Market231
South Quarter/RiversideOld Postmaster's House51
South Quarter/RiversideWatch Office20
South Quarter/RiversideWhite Sail's Office100
South Quarter/RiversideTOTAL1789
TOTAL397 / 39827 / 27