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Asylum Staff
The Linguist

The Dancer (A nickname given to Patient #63) never referred to by name or shown directly, is a minor character in Thief and was a patient at Moira Asylum at the same time as: The Watchman (Patient #14), Erin (Patient #18), Aldous (Patient #22), The Archivist (Patient #31), and The Linguist (Patient #79).

Background Edit

It's never stated how she came to be admitted to the asylum though it can safely be assumed that she was caught after committing a murder, her treatment also isn't known but it is known that she had regular sessions with Dr. Huntfield. The Dancer was supposedly "shamelessly promiscuous" and enjoyed tormenting The Linguist.[1]

The dancer would frequently escape her cell and cause disturbances in the asylum, she snuck into the Men's Ward through the shower vents multiple times until the grates were screwed down.[2] The Dancer also had a habit of stealing the Women's Ward key to sneak off and torment The Linguist (how she would torment her exactly is never stated) leading to Dr. Stedmann re-locating the key to his desk in the Men's Ward to prevent it.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • It's tacitly suggested that The Dancer may have been used as a sort of communal prostitute, not only by other patients but doctors and even outside visitors as well.[2][1][4]

References Edit

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