in-game cutscene from window

Auldale Bridge - Apartment

Loot apartment

leave through window and cross above street, enter new window


note:sky globe with Earth constellations

crouch past birds, open painting, pick safe, take The Glittering Plumage

short in-game cutscene

exit through window

Auldale Bridge - Thieves' Highway

get rope arrow from lockbox, use on post, climb

in-game cutscene with Erin


in-game cutscene with Erin, tutorial info about light gem

Auldale - Back Alley

in-game cutscene, claw

loot on ground, get to ladder

Auldale - Thieves' Highway

in-game cutscene

break lever with blackjack, one hit, ladder, through window

Auldale - Voyeur's Apartment

loot, picklock, loot, document on desk

Note: Frankonogram phonograph

exit through window

Auldale - Thieves' Highway


open window,

Auldale - Drop Location

loot, secret wall switch under painting

look out for bird

Note:Electric metal fan

in-game cutscene


in-game cutscene

Northcrest Manor - Courtyard

Northcrest Manor - Fountain Court

cross the water slowly, take water arrows, put out torch, cross water and up the stairs

in-game cutscene


in-game cutscene


Northcrest Manor - Right Wing - Entry

pick up throwable items, and toss it past the guard, go along the right side and scale the wall either side

Northcrest Manor - Right Wing - Courtyard

loot if you want, 2 hide-able wall lockers on the south wall, and then continue east up the rope

in-game cutscene

crouch and steal claw


Video WalkthroughEdit

Thief Walkthrough - Prologue The Drop19:24

Thief Walkthrough - Prologue The Drop

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