Freaks are violent shadow-dwelling humanoid creatures. They were accidentally created through experiments with Primal energy on the patients at Moira Asylum along with the influence of Erin during her suffering and madness. They have a mix of animal and zombie-like qualities, do not like light, and are very difficult to kill except through flames or blasts. They have strong resistances against the blackjack, broadhead arrows, and sawtooth arrows, but are extremely vulnerable to: blast arrows, fire arrows and flash bombs . Freaks also take slight damage when in light, though they usually flee from it. If caught standing in light for too long they can actually combust and perish.

'Non-alerted' Freaks are basically blind, but very sensitive to sound. While alerted their eyes glow blue with Primal energy and they start to growl, but when they finally know where their prey is they turn bright red. Freaks also seem to have a much longer cooldown period after being alerted in any way and show an ability to track Garrett whenever he uses his Focus power, possibly because they detect the Primal energy that it uses.

When playing as a predator you should keep a good stock of fire arrows and blast arrows. Freaks are often accompanied by oil patches and hanging crates, if you create a distraction to lure them closer and then activate the hazard you can clear out several Freaks without taking any damage. Flash Bombs are very effective against freaks, being able to severely damage them the closer they are to the flash.

Sneaking past them is a different challenge from sneaking past guards, though not necessarily more difficult. Freaks have a kind of motion sensitivity, like birds, and will be alerted if you swoop past them. The main principle is to move slowly, and keep an eye out for vases and broken glass that might make noise. You can get very close to one and just stand still to 'de-alert' him as long as you're not in the yellow or red alert phase, this is not recommended however.  

Trivia Edit

  • Though they also may be referred to as abominations, forsaken, gloomers, gloomlurkers, or gloomwalkers, they are called freaks in the credits.[1]

References Edit

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