"These bracelets, shaped like serpents, are said to seek the company of grateful widows. All six are rumored to carry an unspoken secret and darkness surely glitters in each shining eye."

Marsh Adder BraceletEdit

The Mortal Coils - Marsh Adder Bracelet

This bracelet belonged to Lady Marigold, whose husband died after ingesting spoiled meat

Location: In an apartment off the catwalks in Blackfurrow, activate two switches on a portrait to reaveal Lady Marigold's safe.

When leaving the clock tower make a left and head until you come to a wall. Make a right into black furrow. On the catwalk you will come to section of railing. On the left is a lit window and to the right across from it is another window. You will be able to see the interactive blue shimmer. Enter through this window and you'll find the portrait/safe.

Sootback BraceletEdit

The Mortal Coils - Sootback Bracelet

This bracelet belonged to Lady Uriana, whose husband took a faint and was trampled by his prize stallion.

Location: In the 5-pin safe, found within the office of Lyegroves Jewelry Shop, which is locates in Chapter 1.

Wellpool Viper BraceletEdit

The Mortal Coils - Wellpool Viper Bracelet

This bracelet belonged to Lady Rose, whose husband died of fright during a robbery of their great house.

Location: In the city, in the South Quarter: Fishhawkers Market. Fire a rope arrow into the nearby anchor enter Old Postmaster's house. Use Focus to find the hidden switch in the Postmaster's apartment that opens a secret panel In ceiling. Enter bedroom and pick lock on door which will reveal secret chest.

Shale Snake BraceletEdit

The Mortal Coils - Shale Snake Bracelet

This bracelet belonged to Lady Darelle, whose husband died from a prolonged bout of intestinal distress.

Harlequin BraceletEdit

The Mortal Coils - Harlequin Bracelet

This bracelet belonged to Lady Esther, whose husband passed unexpectedly but peacefully in his sleep.

Bronzehead BraceletEdit

The Mortal Coils - Bronzehead Bracelet

This bracelet belonged to Lady Rochelle, whose husband was the first recorded noble victim of the Great Plague.

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