The Old Cathedral

The Old Cathedral

The Old Cathedral is in the Old Quarter. It has been abandoned for as long as any can remember. It was the last cathedral in the city. It is now a ruined home for old gods. It was the former Hammerite cathedral once known for being haunted, but now is a place where desperate people dwell, and most recently The Graven.

Below the Old Cathedral are the remains of older portions of the City. Each City built on the bones of the last. There are at least five or six layers of previous Cities total. The Pit was dug out to reach down into the layers below. At the bottom is The Hidden City.


  • This is the Haunted Cathedral from Thief: The Dark Project, and Thief Gold or at least one that sits in the same location, some 300-400 or so years later.
  • The addition of two spires and the expansion of the westwork are some notable alterations to the original design (although this may partially due to artistic interpretation and/or game limitations at the time of the previous game, and the new games reuse of gothic 'graphic assets' for several 'chapels' and cathedrals, and other buildings throughout the game, including for the Keepers as well).

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