"A collection of exotic butterfly brooches, presented to the daughters of the Castinet family on the eve of each wedding. The pins were thought lost after the family mysteriously vanished during the Great City Riots of y521."


The Pinned Castinets - Jewelwing

It was written that the Castinet daughters were married to lords of the highest standing, all to enrich the family reputation.

Greater RuststainEdit

The Pinned Castinets - Greater Ruststain

Perhaps some of Castinet's daughters found love. Others knew only the shame of a cold bed and an empty facade.

Dawn GauzyEdit

The Pinned Castinets - Dawn Gauzy

But his youngest was lucky enough to find freedom from her family's expectations.


The Pinned Castinets - Oilbox

"I will show them all!" she wrote in her diary. "I will show them what true freedom looks like!"

Mourning BellEdit

The Pinned Castinets - Mourning Bell

They said her broken body was found at the foot of The City's walls, and all Dayport wept.


The Pinned Castinets - Ghost-girl

And every summer for years afterwards, pale butterflies would flock to the site, then scatter.

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