The Watchman
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This character never appears directly in-game

Character Type

Minor - Flat


The Archivist


Asylum Staff

The Watchman (A nickname given to Patient #14) never referred to by name or shown directly, is a minor character in Thief and was a patient at Moira Asylum at the same time as: Erin (Patient #18), Aldous (Patient #22), The Archivist (Patient #31), The Dancer (Patient #63), and The Linguist.

Background Edit

He was admitted after being caught peeking into windows and following strangers for which the treatment was apparently solitary confinement.[1]

The Watchman was thought to have helped The Archivist who he was neighbors with escape his cell a number of times, because of this he was transferred to another cell to separate them and prevent this though The Archivist still continued to escape regardless.[2]

References Edit

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