Someone's here! Help!!
Help! Guards!!
I am in danger! Somebody help!
Are you serious? Help?
Yes. Guards!
What do we do?
Get the Blacktops!
I heard that. Guards! Someone's here!
A noise! Guards!
Guards! Guards! I heard something.
I hear someone lurking about. I need help!
Guards! Earn your coin and protect me!
Guards! Someone's nearby! I hear the bastard.
I saw someone in the shadows. Guards!
I'm about to be assaulted! Someone help!
An assailant is here! Guards!
Someone's been hurt here. Guards!
A body!
Help! There's someone on the ground!
Some barbarian has killed a dog!
The bird's dead! Guards! Intruder!
Are you hurt bad? Someone help!
No! Someone's attacking! Guards!
Not the dog! You savage! Help!
Someone has killed a bird!
I am being attacked. Guards!
I'm in peril! Guards, Help, Please!
The dog is agitated. Help!
An intruder is near the bird! Guards!
What. . .?! How did this. . .? A thief!!
Who opened it?! A prowler!
How did that happen? Help!
Guards! The City is falling apart!

Someone is definitely close. Help!
Someone's here! He's toying with me.
That's about enough of that. Guards!

Guards! Get him away from me!
Help me! He means to do me harm!
Please! Leave me be!
Leave me alone. I've done nothing to you.
Maybe death would be a favour.
I think he's gone!
I made it. Still in one piece.
I was afraid for nothing.

No no no no no.
I'll end up dead soon enough.
He's still here. Where are the guards!
This is torturous, he's still around.
Is this fun for you? You sadist!

Is there anyone there? In the shadows perhaps.
If there is a thief here, I have nothing a value.
Someone there? Hello?

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