Somebody's here. Guards! Help!
I need help! A Lifter!
There's an intruder! Someone help!
Oh no. Oh no. Guards!
Where are the Blacktops?
Gods to Graveholes!
Guards! Someone's making noise here!
What was that racket? Guards!
Noises in the dark. Guards!
Trespasser! Guards!
I hear someone! Guards! Save me!
Somebody's near me! Guards!
Guards! I saw someone! He's in the shadows.
Guards! Anyone! I saw somebody!
Help! Somebody's here! I spotted him.
Oh no. A body! Guards!
Why are you on the--? Help!
Someone's hurt! Help! Guards!
The mongrel's dead! Guards!
What happened to this. . .? Guards!
Help us, someone! We're being attacked.
They're attacking! Help!
Guards! Dog was just killed! Hurry!
A sadistic bird killer is on the loose!
Some bastard's attacking me! Guards!
Help! I'm hurt! Please, anyone!
That's it, scare them away boy! Guards!
The bird. Guards! There's a thief here!
It's open? Somebody got in! Guards!
A thief! A thief was here! Someone help!
What's going on? Guards!
How did that happen? Help!

This is no coincidence. Guardsmen!
Do I look like I was born yesterday? Help!
Who is doing this already? Help! Guards!

Guards! Do something!
Assault. Where are the guards?!
Noo, get away from me!
I beg you, spare me. I have a family.
I'm nothing to you. Nothing.
Leave me, I'll die eventually.
The storm has passed.
Back to starvation.
He's gone. I hope.

Where is he now?
Death will find me.
Slit my throat and get it over with.
Where are those damned blacktops!
You're sick. You know that?

I warn you, I will call out for the guards.
If you look to steal from me, you're wasting your time.
Is someone there? Is there?

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