Conversations, Cinematics, Description and Objectives from The Drop


Basso warned that tonight's job was a dangerous one and to be ready for anything. Oddly he wouldn't give more details but said to go to a marked house in The City. The full instructions will be found written on a secret note hidden inside. Basso was acting strangely. Something feels wrong tonight.

Title and ObjectivesEdit

  • Cross the bridge into Auldale
  • Follow Erin
  • Reach the drop location
  • Move through the gardens
  • Meet Erin on the roof
  • Steal Erin's claw
  • Remain silent and out of sight
  • Remain silent and out of sight
  • Remain out of sight

In-game Cutscene New IntroEdit

GARRETT: Erin. Of course it is. Care to make a little more noise next time?
ERIN: How else would you know it was me? Basso did tell you we were working together on this, right?
GARRETT: Well, I showed up so what do you think?
ERIN: Ha! I think you haven't changed a bit. Come on, it'll be just like old times!

Poke LinesEdit

ERIN: Are you with me, Garrett?
ERIN: Garrett, come on!
ERIN: Come on, we can do this.
ERIN: Race you!
ERIN: Just like old times. . .
ERIN: Should I just meet you there?
ERIN: We can sightsee later.
ERIN: Let's go, Garrett.
ERIN: Hey, don't rush on my account.
ERIN: Let's get moving.
ERIN: Just jump across!
ERIN: Get a run up!

In-game Cutscene SlideEdit

ERIN: Glad you could make it.
GARRETT: Did you pick that route because it was fast, or because you thought it'd be fun?
ERIN: Can't it be both?
GARRETT: Come on, let's get Basso his commission.

In-game Cutscene End AllyEdit

ERIN: You should get yourself one of these. See you on the other side!
GARRETT: Looks like I'm taking the low road.

In-game Cutscene Across StreetEdit

ERIN: Jealous of the claw? I made it myself.
GARRETT: I'm sure the Watch will be very impressed. They'll certainly hear us coming.
ERIN: They'll have to catch me first!
GARRETT: Just be aware of your surroundings.
ERIN: It's not about taking in the sights, Garrett. It's about taking in the loot!
ERIN: So what do you think of the claw, Garrett? One of a kind. Made it myself.

In-game Cutscene See ErinEdit

ERIN: You do still steal, right?
GARRETT: I've been stealing since before you could crawl.
ERIN: There's the Garrett I know. How about a friendly wager? Let's see who can take in the most.

In-game Cutscene Goad GarrettEdit

ERIN: Look what I found! Ah, you and me, out on the town . . . why did we stop doing this again?
GARRETT: Do you really need to ask?

Lights CornersEdit

GARRETT: Are you going to use any of those shadows, Lady Lamplight?
ERIN: I was just scouting ahead! I know you always like to go first.
ERIN: After you. Age before beauty.
CIVILIAN RICH FEMALE 1: If you're going to urinate in the street like a Watchman, at least do it out of the light. Everybody can see you.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: The ale has to go somewhere, dear, I'm just the middle man. Besides, you're the only one watching.
CIVILIAN RICH FEMALE 1: Every day, I'm reminded what a catch you were.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Come on. Let's go try those gabble-wings.
GARRETT: Good thing we scouted ahead.
ERIN: Yeah, those gabble-wings sound delicious.

In-game Cutscene The DropEdit

ERIN: So how much did you steal?
GARRETT: It's not how much you steal, it's what you steal.
ERIN: And how you steal it. Looks like this Primal Stone thing that Basso wants is in the Ceremony Room at Northcrest Manor.
GARRETT: It's the Baron's mansion. It won't be easy.
ERIN: Worried?
GARRETT: Yes and so should you. . . We'll be fine! I'll pick up your slack. This job's getting more complicated by the second.
ERIN: We'll be fine! I'll pick up your slack.

In-game Cutscene Main GateEdit

ERIN: That's a lot of guards.
GARRETT: They're definitely not here for the summer festival dance. . . A lot of guards means a lot of steel. Thieves and swords do not get on well.
ERIN: I've never had a problem with swords. But then again, I'm not just a thief.

Faulty LightsEdit

WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: We can't let the Baron's guests see this thing giving out. And we can't frigging see without it.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 1: They go off and on all the time.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: So you can't fix it?
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 1: Do I look like an engineer to you? None of the staff can keep up with all his lordship's experiments.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Not going to be much of a 'brighter future' if the lights don't work.

Fire GuardsEdit

WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Ronson, over here!
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Help the new boy, will you? He's been trying to light a fire basket for ten minutes.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: What am I, his father?
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Go on, before he sets fire to himself.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 3: Huh? What the . . . ?
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 3: Hmm . . . I must be imagining things.
ERIN: Over here, Garrett!
WATCH ROOKIE GUARD 1: Every time I get it going it fizzles out again.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: You couldn't set a cloth aflame if it was doused in oil, son.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: I'll show you how it's done. If you pack it together too close then the air won't feed the flames.
WATCH ROOKIE GUARD 1: I should know better, my family used to be charcoal burners.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Oh yeah? That's work you don't see much since the factories came.
GARRETT: We need these two out of the way. I'll distract them.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Aw, come on. What?
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: He's been hit. Someone's here!
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 3: Stupid drafts.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 3: Can't these damned things stay lit?

In-game Cutscene Kill OneEdit

WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Hey! What's this about?
WATCH ROOKIE GUARD 1: I told you, sir!
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: That you did, boy. All right, I'll have a look...
GARRETT: Erin! Erin!
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: There, we've gotten the better of it, boy. Thing was damp, I don't want to know what you'd been doing with it...
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Huh? Where have you gone? You taken a faint?
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Or a piss? They're letting anyone in the frigging Watch these days. Handing out blacktops like apples at the fair.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Where are you? I can look past you not being able to light a fire, son, but you can't leave your post!

In-game Cutscene Erin 1st Kill FollowEdit

GARRETT: What the hell just happened? Why'd you kill this guard? He was barely older than you.
ERIN: He was a guard, Garrett. Wrong place, wrong time.
GARRETT: You haven't changed, have you?
ERIN: What's that supposed to mean?
GARRETT: It means, I don't kill without thought or good reason and I don't get paid for it!
ERIN: So basically it's okay when you do it but not me. I see, I get it. But you know that guard, he's not going to wake up later and follow our trail to cause trouble.
GARRETT: When any guards wake up, I'm usually long gone.

In-game Cutscene Lockpick DoorEdit

ERIN: If you're so eager to leave, maybe I should go first.
GARRETT: If you'd been able to control yourself, we wouldn't have to rush. This is why I work alone.
ERIN: You're holding me back!
GARRETT: Relying on that claw is holding you back.

In-game Cutscene Erin 2nd Kill FollowEdit

ERIN: Ahh . . . you worried I might beat you to this thing? I'd share. Probably.
GARRETT: I'm worried you're going to get us both killed.
ERIN: I can handle myself, okay? I can move faster, I can climb faster, I can -
GARRETT: You can kill faster and make mistakes faster. I get it. You're not in control.
ERIN: Well that's why I'm better. Deal with it.

In-game Cutscene Steal ClawEdit

ERIN: Let's just get the job done.
GARRETT: Yes. And I think we'll do it without this.

Cinematic - The AccidentEdit

ERIN: I'm guessing that's what we're after. The Primal Stone.
GARRETT: Robes. Robes are always a bad sign.
BARON NORTHCREST: Brothers Cornelius. . . Aldous. . . Present the keys.
ERIN: That's Baron Northcrest!
BARON NORTHCREST: Brothers of the Awakened. . . we are gathered here to usher this city into a new age. One of progress and industrial enlightenment. Let us begin the channelling of the Primal!
ERIN: Come on! Let's get down there. This'll be fun.
GARRETT: No. We're done here. Job's over.
ERIN: What? Are you joking?
GARRETT: Something's not right. It's too dangerous . . . and you're not ready yet.
ERIN: You know I'm not a kid anymore! I can do this! I'm going down there with or without you.
GARRETT: Not without this you're not.
GARRETT: Don't move!
ERIN: Garrett, I'm slipping! Agh! Garrett, give me the claw!

TEMP - to be ordered by headerEdit

Garrett VOEdit

GARRETT: Too much light. Let's make it a little more cozy in here.
GARRETT: Someone's a bird lover. That painting is more my taste . . . I should take a closer look.
GARRETT: What the . . . ?
GARRETT: Well, they do call the rooftops the Thieves' Highway. I just hope that's not who I think it is.
GARRETT: It pays to keep a low profile in places where I'm not welcome. There are a lot of those places.
GARRETT: When a coin-purse is presented to me, it's churlish not to take it. Thieves have a reputation to uphold.
GARRETT: Dousing their hard work should get their attention.
GARRETT: I need to take him down quickly, quietly and alive.
GARRETT: Looks like I won't be going that way.
GARRETT: Hard to keep a secret in this neighborhood.
GARRETT: If there's one thing this city's taught me, you can put a price on anything. Secrets, reputations. . . a life. And trust? If you have to ask, you can't afford it. But then I suppose none of that matters when you're me. After all. . . when did I ever pay for anything?
GARRETT: Must have been quite the party.

Arch EavesdropEdit

WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Lot of aristos here tonight. Merchants, dukes, councilmen. Faces on them like they're going to an execution, not a party.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Edison on the inside thinks he heard chanting from the east hall.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Chanting? What, like religious chanting? Nah, the Baron has no truck with that stuff.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Doesn't care for the old gods, then.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: His kind won't believe in anything not stamped in a factory.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 2: Oh yeah, what was it again? "Trust in hot air from the furnace, not from the mouths of preachers."
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Ho! I've met the only man who ever listened to Old Ironboots' speeches.


CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 1: Let's finish unloading before Summersday is over.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 2: Why not drink to a job well done first?
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 1: We can't just leave the cart out here.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 2: It's festival time! Your average thief will be under a table in an alehouse.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 1: And the Watch will be liquored up too. I'm not haggling fines with a drunk guard again.

Front Guard ChatEdit

WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Reform the Watch? You're twisting my hammers. They can't do that, it's old as The City!
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: I don't like it. Modern age, 'enlightened', tch! That business with breaking up the Guilds . . .
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Sounds like he wants an army.

Pacing GuardEdit

WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Ring the frigging bells, if you keep pacing up and down, you'll wear through those new boots.
WATCH ROOKIE GUARD 2: It's my girl, sir, she's presenting me to her father. He doesn't know I joined the Watch.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: And? City Watch means honor and respect.
WATCH ROOKIE GUARD 2: The thing is, sir... he believes that rat-sack rumor about us being on the take.
WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Oh does he? Then you pull his frigging nose out of his arse! Right?

Rich Man ReactsEdit

CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: What was that?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Someone there? Anyone?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: All's well. I don't hear a thing now.

Scriptd FailEdit

WATCH VETERAN GUARD 1: Halt where you are!

Standing GuardEdit

ERIN: Careful!
ERIN: Another on the right. If you need me. . .

Street TalkEdit

CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 1: Roasted pheasant! Still hot!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Best prices on the Bridge.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 2: Fresh catch from the black coast!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Anemones! Roses! Poppies!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 2: Good as Alfonso's work. You can't tell the difference!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: When they called this the golden age every thief ear in The City perked up!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 1: Another ale, and another for myself!
CIVILIAN RICH FEMALE 2: Stop it, you'll bring the Watch down on us.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Ever seen The City like this?
CIVILIAN RICH FEMALE 1: Oh, it's lovely.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: It's decided then, we'll eat at Portello's.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 2: I don't think the Baron can smile, it would ruin his portraits.
CIVILIAN RICH FEMALE 2: He's ignoring us, how do you like that! Miserable taff.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Taff! Ha! Haven't heard that one for an age.
CIVILIAN RICH FEMALE 1: Now he has a little machine that does it for him!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: You'll have that stolen if you keep waving it around.
CIVILIAN RICH FEMALE 2: I wish Summersday would last all year.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Where has he-- Did you see a gentleman pass this way?
CIVILIAN RICH FEMALE 2: Let's take this side street! It'll be safe tonight.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: The Baron has some big announcement. Likely a tax on festivals!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: I was with friends, I don't know where they are.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE MALE 2: To a bright future! I'll drink to that.


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