Conversations, Cinematics, Description and Objectives from Dirty Secrets


Orion, voice of the people and the original client who wanted the ring, now wants a rare and special tome that can be found within the House of Blossoms. The well-to-do brothel for the filthy rich and famous seems like a strange place to find a book but Orion seems sure it will be there somewhere. Discretion is advised.

Title and ObjectivesEdit

  • Find the entrance to the brothel
  • Get into the House of Blossoms
  • Explore the brothel for clues
  • Access Xiao-Xiao's secret passage
  • Find the mysterious podium
  • Explore the ancient ruins
  • Search the abandoned library for the book
  • Remove the Ritual Book
  • Align the symbols on the medallion
  • Escape the ancient ruins
  • Exit the House of Blossoms
  • [Optional] Overload the opium pump
  • Escape to the City streets
  • Search Xiao-Xiao's office
  • Find a way to activate the podium
  • Discover the remaining symbols (%GlyphCounter1 / 4)
  • Align the symbols on the medallion
  • Place the medallion on the podium
  • %GlyphCounter2 Find the symbols in the library
  • Place the medallion on the podium
  • [Optional] Open Xiao-Xiao's strongbox
  • Enter the central tower
  • Follow the rich man

Opium Overload CommentsEdit

CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: My face feels . . . funny.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: My head is so heavy. . .
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I feel . . . strange!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Must have drunk too much wine.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: I'm fine. Just need to . . . sleep.
MERC GUARD 1: Shite . . . can't stand up.
MERC GUARD 2: Legs feel like lead. . .
MERC GUARD 3: Can't focus. . . what's. . .

TEMP - to be ordered by headerEdit

THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: Punish me, mother. I've been baaad, sooo baaad. . . Wait! Don't . . . touch me! My leg hurts! What's the matter, General?
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: What's the matter, General?
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Mummy a little too much for you?
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: Don't ever speak of my mother like that again, you little whore!
MADAME XIAO XIAO: What is going on here, General!?
MADAME XIAO XIAO: That's it. Take your Black Tax and get out of my house. Touch her again. . . and I'll cut your balls off! Don't test me on this!
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: You! Filthy rat! I'm gonna kill you!
GARRETT: Duh-ahh!
GARRETT: You ought to be nicer with the ladies.
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: Erruuungh! You're gonna regret this. . .

CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Hello, my pretty. The Madam says you're new.
ERIN: Don't touch me.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: You're not in control, here! I am! You'll give me what I want or I'll . . .
ERIN: I said don't touch me!

BARON NORTHCREST: Aldous, Cornelius. The keys. . .

GARRETT: A rich man braving a poor neighborhood? The House of Blossoms must be close.
GARRETT: He didn't vanish, that's more my style. Behind the red door, then . . . but I can't just knock.
GARRETT: This strutting rooster is being led right to the hen-house. I'll play the fox.
GARRETT: This gilded cock is being led right to the hen-house. I'll play the fox.
GARRETT: I might be dressed in leather, but I don't think I'll pass as the cabaret act for the evening. I'll have to sneak inside.
GARRETT: The Madam's chambers would be a good place to start. If I don't spoil the mood in here, I can fill my pockets too.
GARRETT: The rich already live in a cloud of poppy smoke. This probably makes them feel at home.
GARRETT: Right now, there's not enough opium to smoke the guards out of the nest.
GARRETT: Something strange is going on. I'll find this hidden passage Xiao-Xiao mentioned for myself. It must be in here.
GARRETT: Let's see what's worth hiding in this house of whispers.
GARRETT: What other secrets have you collected, Madam Xiao-Xiao?
GARRETT: The podium Xiao-Xiao mentioned in her journal . . . this is older than the House of Blossoms.
GARRETT: This is old. Much older than the House of Blossoms.
GARRETT: The medallion fits in the podium. The symbols are some sort of code, or key.
GARRETT: I know this birdscratch. It's one of the markings on the medallion. There must be more.
GARRETT: Four rings of symbols on the medallion. That means I still have more to uncover.
GARRETT: Now to align the symbols.
GARRETT: This has gone forgotten for a long time. But history lasts day to day in this city, and it keeps its secrets close. . . We have that much in common.
GARRETT: You said I'd find a book, Orion, not a whole library. There must be hundreds of tomes here.
GARRETT: This place is a maze. I'll head for the central tower.
GARRETT: It's an easy enough jump. But how to make a path up there?
GARRETT: Now that's useful.
GARRETT: I'll need to find another way down.
GARRETT: Educated guess, this is the book I came for. But to steal it, I'll have to release it.
GARRETT: The medallion needs a new combination. Whoever built this place liked their obscure symbols.
GARRETT: Something carved on this statue . . .
GARRETT: Another symbol. Four to get in, four to get out . . . could be my new lucky number.
GARRETT: The man of politics needs his book. And after all this, I'd like to get paid for delivering it.
GARRETT: I've got the book. This has been a night under the town to remember.
GARRETT: They've blocked the passage. Well, it would have been too easy. I'll find another way.
GARRETT: A lot of alerted guards. If I could only calm them down a little . . .
GARRETT: That's a lot of opium. If I overload the pump it's sweet dreams for everyone.
GARRETT: First I need to release the smoke into the tank.
GARRETT: There's a mechanism behind the tank. It must control the shutters.
GARRETT: Never cared for this stuff. Dulled senses are the last thing I need.
GARRETT: Never thought I'd say it, but I'm looking forward to what passes for fresh air in Riverside.
GARRETT: There must be some way to disable these ancient traps.
GARRETT: Whatever that is, it doesn't look human.

CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: What better way to spend an inheritance?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: I didn't come to be flattered, child, but . . . don't stop.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Less busy tonight than usual, isn't it?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Is this guilt or indigestion? Ah, more wine!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: To think such a vision came from common stock!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: But, I suppose one cannot catch a briar nymph in a jar.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Poppy dreams and night terrors, my friend.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Buggered by the Baron's edicts all day!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I need a codpiece, not a mask.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Should I call for fruit? We don't need to eat it.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: You forgot the safe word? Then I'm still in charge.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: It's so hard to keep up with the latest deviancies!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: What's said behind masks stays behind masks, sir.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Of course I can keep a secret!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: I've always wanted to be a nobleman's scandal.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Well . . . I'll show you mine if you tell me yours.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: I know that scent. Very old, very expensive, isn't it?

CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Did I keep you waiting, Master Eastwick?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Lilac, I think you do it on purpose. You know I don't like to wait. A man as important as I in the Baron's service will always insist on perfection.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Is that why you always pick me? Oh, Master Eastwick. You do know how to make a girl feel wonderful.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Lilac, please. Do try to listen. I've had a loathsome week planning the new pipehouse in Cinderfall over the heads of administrative idiots. I need a soft hand to smooth out the knots. My wife has fingers like a burrick's claws.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Ooh, a new building, Master Eastwick. Tell me, which one is your finest?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: My word, girl, there's a sauciness about you this evening. Come closer, I might just permit you to hear it.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: As my master commands. I'm all ears.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: It's a striking shape, is it not?
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: And it's the biggest in The City?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Without a doubt. It took the hands of a hundred men to erect.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: You really are so talented...
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Draftsmen have 'talent', my dear, I have a gift. I was tasked to create the most secure building in the city and indeed I did.

MERC GUARD 2: Even with The City like it is, the aristos still slink down here.
MERC GUARD 3: What else they gonna do with their time? Count their gold?
MERC GUARD 2: If I had a lordly pile in Dayport and all the poppy that money could buy, I'd bring the girls to me.

MERC GUARD 3: The lifter could've already pulled foot out of here. Search the area.
MERC GUARD 2: "Easy money, coddling poppy-brained nobles," they said.
MERC GUARD 1: Unless you're a blackhand or a highcollar, easy money's been drying up since the lockdown.

MERC GUARD 3: Someone's gotten inside the House.
MERC GUARD 2: Right. We'll make sure they don't get back out.

MERC GUARD 2: Probably some topper dropped his watch and cried pickpocket. I tell you, they have arseholes so tight, you could bend poleaxes in 'em.
MERC GUARD 3: Gods to graveholes. If word gets out that this place isn't secure, there goes the clients. No clients, no security. That's us, remember?

MERC GUARD 1: What kind of burrick's hole is this?
MERC GUARD 2: The City's built stone on stone, Tom. Who can say how far down it goes.
MERC GUARD 1: Even the Madam didn't know about this. And you've seen how she gets about not knowing things.
MERC GUARD 1: Then here's the twist, who opened the door?
MERC GUARD 2: We'll rake around and find out.
MERC GUARD 1: We should split up, cover more ground.
MERC GUARD 2: Split up? That's easy for you to say, you're carrying the torch!
MERC GUARD 1: I get the torch because I don't cheat at cards. Fair's fair.
MERC GUARD 2: What? Are you still bleating on about that frigging card game? I was beating you Pelicans for Mackerels.
MERC GUARD 1: Yeah? Good luck searching in the dark.
MERC GUARD 1: There's no-one, Jarrod.
MERC GUARD 2: There hasn't been for a long time. Only dust and books.
MERC GUARD 1: Madam X. does like her books though. Say, what if we were to take a little something back? Sneak it past Callow up there? Could be a pretty penny in it for us.
MERC GUARD 2: Huh! And you call me the cheat. I'm in.

MERC GUARD 1: Jammed again?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I hope you don't expect me to assist.
MERC GUARD 1: No, not at all, sir.

MERC GUARD 1: You still there, fellas? Hello?
MERC GUARD 1: This is horseshit. Leave me standing half-way down some pit.
MERC GUARD 1: Heard stories about what's under The City... not just frigging stories, are they.

CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: think I spotted my cousin here. The mask is an improvement.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: You're so cruel... Tell me about your cousin.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Ohhh... Your first time, sir. What a delight!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: What? How do you know? I'm wearing a mask!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: It's not your face I was watching, sir.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: I'm told they've been burning the bodies. In the open air!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: How terrible! And where did they say this was happening?
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Oh Captain! You have a fresh depravity every visit.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Learned 'em on the shit-caked streets, girl. Things are changing up there.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: I've never heard of such a thing!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: You see, some men collect great works, I collect perversions.

MADAME XIAO XIAO: I'll be in my boudoir. No appointments tonight.
MERC GUARD 1: Sorry, Madam. . . it's the Baron's Thief-Taker. He's come for his black tax.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: More tax? His presence is taxing enough without these underhanded demands for coin.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: One day, I'll take my straight-razor between his legs. Do all The City's women a favor.

MADAME XIAO XIAO: Welcome all to the House of Blossoms. Here, every desire can be fulfilled with no shame. Nothing is forbidden, nor punished . . . unless you want it to be.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: My guards are here for your protection so please relax and forget the world above. Any objects of . . . personal value can be stored in my private strongbox for the duration of your stay.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: Have a wonderful, and exploratory evening.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: Blossoms, Petals, attend to our guests.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: Guards! Someone is in my House! Do something about it!

CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: You're trying so hard to avoid my eye.
MERC GUARD 1: Come on, Susie, you know the Madam's rules. No touching the merchandise.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Well, perhaps when your shift's over. What will you do then . . . ?
MERC GUARD 1: I'll shuffle home, dick in paw, like always.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: The opium bucket is almost empty. Can you help me fill it?
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: I need to finish these drinks. I'll come over when I'm done.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: We should be careful. I still have the headache from last time.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: We should be careful. Too much of this can really knock you out.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: I know Madam says to always look under the masks, but they're so paranoid. . .
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: It's best when they fall asleep before they finish.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Makes them easier to sketch, that's for sure.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: It's been five weeks now I didn't see Lord Van Vernon.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: He'll be fine. Rich folks don't get the gloom.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: It's his heart I'm worried about. Every time he sees me get undressed I think he's going to die right there on the rug.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Did you see Duke Thorburn tonight? With Madam's bonus for extras I could milk that man dry. He keeps talking about his cousin in the treasury.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: You'll need to wash the silks for a week if you milk anything out of Thorburn. But, his boring friend Horatio whatshisname is here!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: That's three men this week who've wanted me to play a dockfrock.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Poor boys. They can't get it dirty at home and they daren't go to Skinmarket for the real thing!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: I really can't stand Lord Robert as a client. There's just nothing to work with!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Oh you poor dear, I've heard it's like stroking a turtle.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Oh . . . I'll never look at it the same way again!

CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Are you going to do more than just walking in front of me?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Maybe a . . . a little touch?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Ah ha, oh just a wee bit harder next time. Just a bit.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Woo, I kind of liked that. Oh, now I've lost you again. Where have you gone?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Uh, pinch my nipples a bit would you?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: That was lovely.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: That was nice, love. Give it to me harder. Just a little harder.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Harder! Come on!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: You smell nice too.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Come on! Give me all you've got. Give me all you've got! Come on, you can do better than that, my love.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Yes, more. Give it to me.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: One more. One more.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: You are beautiful.

MERC GUARD 1: First time, sir?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Where is Madame Xiao-Xiao? I came for the House of Blossoms, if you thugs mean to waylay me...
MERC GUARD 1: Madam Xiao-Xiao awaits you at the House, sir, I'm to escort you personally.
MERC GUARD 1: If you'll just follow me.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I feel deathly exposed. If I was to be seen dallying with these Blossoms I'd be ruined!
MERC GUARD 1: I wouldn't worry, sir. Not many can afford Madam Xiao-Xiao's den of delights. You'll only be rubbing shoulders with folks like yourself.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Huh! You think the 'aristos' don't snipe and gossip as you commons do? They're even worse! I was told my identity would be protected...
MERC GUARD 1: Oh it will, sir. It will.
MERC GUARD 1: Mind your footing, sir. Keep close to my light.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I knew that Madame Xiao-Xiao kept her house of ill-repute in a discreet location, but . . . but this.
MERC GUARD 1: It pays to be shut away from prying eyes, sir.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Yes, well I'm certainly paying.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: The stench. Is this some manner of . . . of sewer?
MERC GUARD 1: It's the river, sir. Actually this stonework is from one of the vanished quarters . . .
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I'm in no need of a history lesson! . . . No such reek comes off the water in Auldale.
MERC GUARD 1: Shit flows downstream, sir.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: My ears are clutching at every sound. Is it safe down here?
MERC GUARD 1: Only echoes, sir. If it was anything more . . . that's what the sword's for.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Don't talk to me of danger, I've been to the Docks!
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I can see why they don't mention this trek in the pamphlet.
MERC GUARD 1: Sir, you'll be pleasurably distracted soon enough.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I should hope so. After this, anything less than nubiles writhing in fonts of Throvian wine will be a disappointment.
MERC GUARD 2: Come here often?
MERC GUARD 2: Uh oh. Evening to you, sir.
MERC GUARD 1: Sir, this way, if you please.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Yes, yes, I'm coming!
MERC GUARD 1: Sir, can you hear me? Where are you?
MERC GUARD 1: Shit, if that topper's wandered off down here! He'll come out in the Old Quarter, if he comes out at all. . . Sir?
MERC GUARD 1: Better go back up, see if I can find him. I miss his coin, not his company.

MERC GUARD 3: We've been expecting you, sir. If I could just see your invitation?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: Oh, the ah . . . the invitation? Oh yes of course, I have it here on me . . . I must have misplaced the damned thing. No matter.
MERC GUARD 3: Sir, I'm sorry, but Madam Xiao-Xiao insists on absolute security. No entry without an invite.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: And you couldn't have told me this before I made the descent into the underworld?
MERC GUARD 1: Best you save your breath for the climb, sir.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: This is intolerable. Humiliating! After all I've been subjected to!
MERC GUARD 3: The rules are for your protection, sir. If we were to let just anyone inside...
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: "Just anyone?" You watch your common mouth, sir. The Madame will hear about this, mark me.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: No words. I haven't the words!

MERC GUARD 3: You coming or not?
MERC GUARD 2: Why, are you getting lonely down there?
MERC GUARD 3: Come on, come on.
MERC GUARD 2: Red Jenny's nag, you're as bad as him upstairs.
MERC GUARD 3: This place reminds me of a story I heard. Some noble inherits land by the old wall, right? Wants himself a rose garden.
MERC GUARD 3: He has it ploughed, the ploughs hit marble. Tombs, a whole bonehoard! So they dig it up, crack the stone for new statues. Burn the bones and scatter the ashes over the garden.
MERC GUARD 2: You didn't say he was a smart one.
MERC GUARD 3: The roses all die from the lime in the ashes. The empty beds end up looking like fresh-turned graves! Nothing grows there again.
MERC GUARD 2: That's the way of The City. The wheel might turn, but it's still the same wheel.
MERC GUARD 3: Well done, you're very clever.

THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: I see you have two new Blossoms working tonight.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: Yes. Peach and Neroli. They're good girls.
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: Then I expect that to be reflected in your contributions.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: But you already upped the black tax twice this quarter!
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: The trouble on the streets is making life difficult for everyone. It would be a shame if the opium trade started experiencing delivery problems to this address.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: I'll have it for you later this evening.
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: Good. If I have to wait then I'll have a bit . . . on the house. Something young and . . . juicy.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: I shall call Jasmine Blossom.
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: Jasmine's getting too old . . . I want something younger.
MADAME XIAO XIAO: No! Petals do not work directly with the . . . clients. You know that.
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: Are you refusing my request?
MADAME XIAO XIAO: You will have your tax. But the rules about my girls will be obeyed, even by you. Jasmine will fulfill your requests.
THIEF-TAKER GENERAL: She'd better! Have everything ready. Oh, and I'll take that Hummingbird Suite!
MADAME XIAO XIAO: Why someone hasn't cut your throat by now . . .

CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: How will I explain these marks. You scratched me!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Say you went on a hunting trip and were savaged by a wild animal.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: A hunting trip to Riverside?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: I've said too much . . . The drinks are spiked, aren't they?
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Why don't we share another, just to be sure.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: They say that your House are as kind as wolves...
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I'll give you something else to say about us.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: I've done . . . appalling things. And that's just since breakfast.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: You should confess your sins to me. So we can do worse.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 1: How long do we have?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: From my villa in Auldale, the smog turns the most remarkable shade of rust at sunrise.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: My, you must be well favoured by the Baron!
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 2: Oh sir, I don't have much of a voice for singing. . .
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Just try it, girl. We'll test your other talents later.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: I wish they wouldn't hang poors on the bridges, it very nearly kills one's mood.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: I can give a ropeburn that will bring it right back.
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: And what would one need to give in return?
CIVILIAN RICH MALE 2: Enough, enough, you'll shorten my life.
CIVILIAN AVERAGE FEMALE 1: Who'd want to grow old in this city?


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