I don't see anything… Whatever it was, it's gone.
Waste of time. Best get back to my post.

I heard that! You won't get by me!

You can't hide from me!
Where are you?!

There! I see you!

That does it!

I'll be watching for you!
Don't come back! I'll be ready for you!

Stand down!
Thrown down your weapons!
Over there!

This ends now!

And stay down.
Not today lad.







I've found a body here! On alert!
Dead. There's a murderer about.

What's this then? Someone's hurt.
Drat. Don't be dead… Not on my watch.

(groan) Someone's going to pay for this.

Up you get, now. We've got to find whoever did this.
C'mon lad. You've got a nasty bump on the noggin, but we've got a job to do.

Quiet. How I like it.

Nothing to report. All's well.
Looks like nothing here.

Hmm. Nothing. May just have been a shadow.

I know I heard something.

Have we got a clumsy thief about?

Again? Could be a coincidence… (doubtful)

Hmm… This darkness… Perfect for a sneak-thief.

Now what was that?

That was NOT my imagination.

Someone's here. Come on now! Stop hiding!

That's about enough! Who goes?!
EH?! Show yourself if you're there!

Who turned out the lights?

Is anyone there?!

Who did that?!

Trouble afoot!
Who goes there?!

You! Up there! Stop!

Stop down there! Halt!

Show yourself!

I feel it in my bones… Something bad is going to happen.
This is not right.

On guard!!
Come on then!

That sounded suspicious.

Broken? That's not right.

What was that?
(grunt) Eyes sharp now. Something's about.

(suspicious) That's bloody inconvenient…

Better make sure no one's here.

Something's moving up there...

Something's on the move down there.

What's this?

Hmm… Where's that shadow com,ing from? Better have look.

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